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Back Tension Releases
Back Tension Releases
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Release Accessories and Straps
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Thumb Trigger Releases
Thumb Trigger Releases
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  • Hot Shot Tempest Release 4 Finger Red

    Designed for perfect ergonomic fit with additional surface area on the handle. Exclusive 2 Thirds case design means each internal part stays in place and eliminates sear misalignment and misfires. Single screw adjustment for trigger travel and tension. Multiple axis thumb post adjustment allows for projection, tilt, and distance adjustment.
    $168.64 save 18%
  • Stan PerfeX Post 1 1/8 in.

    Trigger extension post for the PerfeX releases. Allows you to change the length of your barrel for a more custom feel.
    $7.58 save 1%
  • TruFire Sear Back Tension Release Yellow Small

    Back tension release with adjustable fourth finger position can be used as a three finger or four finger. Made with a heavy brass handle for better feel on follow through. Features a four sided sear with variable click options and three position adjustable thumb peg.