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Predator Scents

Buck Bomb
Buck Bomb
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Trophy Blend
Trophy Blend
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Wildlife Research
Wildlife Research
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  • Buck Bomb Predator - Fox Urine Size: 5 oz.

    Fresh fox urine serves as an incredible predator attractant and cover scent. Spray can be applied around a decoy as well as around the calling position to cover downwind scents.
    $11.64 save 16%
  • ConQuest Dead Run Scent Stick - Rabbit

    Scented stick formula for use in dog training sessions on land or in water. Simply dab or wipe scent onto a training dummy and re-apply as needed.
    $13.24 save 2%
  • Tinks Coyote Mist Coyote Urine - Size: 4 oz.

    Helps to lure in call shy coyotes and stops them for a better shop opportunity. Mist drifts down wind and sticks to vegetation for increased effectiveness.
    $9.70 save 16%
  • Trophy Blend Scent Stick - Coyote Blend - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Perfect scents for trappers or predator hunters using calls. Made from fresh urine and converted to the scent stick design. Works great as a cover scent or an attractant.
    $14.41 save 16%
  • Wildlife Research Coyote Juice - Size: 8 oz.

    Place this attractor scent upwind of your calling set to bring coyotes in closer. This high quality calling scent appeals to the curious, territorial instincts of coyotes, providing a more realistic hunting scenario. Comes in an 8 oz. squirt top bottle.
    $11.17 save 16%
  • Wildlife Research Coyote Urine - Size: 4 oz.

    Strong odor masks human scent and puts deer at ease for close shots.
    $10.26 save 16%
  • Wildlife Research Red Fox - Urine Spray Size: 1 oz.

    Masking scent ideal for use while deer hunting. Puts deer at ease and covers human odor.
    $5.63 save 15%