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Serving Tools

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot
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October Mountain
October Mountain
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  • AAE Pro String Server

    Heavy duty anodized aluminum body with unique double tension bar arrangement in addition to self-centering washer system makes this a fluid revolution in serving.
  • BCY Bearpaw Serving Tool

    Made of polymer with advanced German engineering and sturdy construction has smooth, stainless steel guide rollers that are slotted for easy string entry and smooth control of serving that has excellent adjustable tension control unit comes with plastic storage case.
    $27.54 save 8%
  • BCY Model 26 Serving Tool

    Server has large exit eyelet for reduced abrasion and adjustable tension control.
    $18.68 save 12%
  • Bohning All In One Serving Kit

    All in one kit features an instructional dvd that takes you step-by- step through the serving procedure, self-serve cable spreader, string separator, and serve-tite serving tool with polygrip serving thread size .026".
    $32.58 save 10%
  • Bohning Mini Server

    Mini version of the String server is perfect for travel, quick fixes, or anytime space is at a premium. Compact design eliminates the need for a cable spreader and also works well with short brace height bows. Winged design fits fingers perfectly for a secure grip and greater control. Specifically designed to make refilling bobbins easy. Fully adjustable tension.
    $16.14 save 13%
  • Bohning Self-Serve - Cable Spreader

    Provides a large work area keeping cables down and out of the way to ease serving of bowstring. String and cables are held securely in top and bottom slots.
    $10.29 save 14%
  • Brownell Cam EZ/Liquid Lok - Combo

    Cam Ez reduces wear and prolongs serving life. Liquid Lok prevents Unraveling and separation.
  • Hot Shot Serving Tool

    Makes tight servings quick and easy by having two tension adjustments, one at the thread sprocket and one at the guide washers.
    $11.10 save 14%
  • Neet String/Cable Separator

    This tool allows you to serve the string while on the bow by separating the string from the cables. The string separator allows easy installation of peeps.
  • October Mountain Accu-Serve Pro Serving Tool

    The Accu-Serve Pro Serving Tool is designed for use with all types of serving material. The tool utilizes a dual roller tension system, with the ability to control the tension by a wing nut.
  • October Mountain Revolution Serving Jig - w/ Extra Spool

    The Revolution Serving Jig is a pro shop grade tool that features 6000 series aluminum spindles that funnel serving to center, snap-in yarn gate, over-molded spin points housed in a glass-filled nylon housing. Spool tension is adjusted with weighted thumb knobs that aid in centrifugal force and are easily changed with quick access spool gates. Each serving jig is sold with a second spool rod to keep workflow moving when spinning different serving types.


  • October Mountain Revolution Spool Only

    The Revolution Serving Jig Spool offers the ability to have spools and at the ready for quick exchanged while using multiple servings.