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Buck Bomb


  • Buck Bomb Predator - Coyote Urine Size: 5 oz.

    Pure coyote urine to increase your odds of fooling a predator’s nose. Greatly reduces the chance that human scent will be detected before a shot opportunity presents itself.
    $9.58 save 14%
  • Buck Bomb Predator - Fawn Urine Size: 5 oz.

    Predator scent is perfect for use with distress calls and decoys. Spray can be applied around a decoy as well as around your calling location to cover downwind scents.
    $9.58 save 14%
  • Buck Bomb Predator - Fox Urine Size: 5 oz.

    Fresh fox urine serves as an incredible predator attractant and cover scent. Spray can be applied around a decoy as well as around the calling position to cover downwind scents.
    $9.58 save 14%


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