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Camera Mounts

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Hawk Treestands
Hawk Treestands
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Realtree Outdoors
Realtree Outdoors
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  • Bohning Aim-It Camera Mount - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Allows you to position your game camera where deer and other hunters will not see it. Features two 360 degree pivot points to ensure your camera can be positioned at nearly any angle. Fits all cameras with standard 1/4-2- threaded bushing.
    $22.07 save 15%
  • Browning Trail Camera - Tree Mount - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Allows game cameras to be mounted on any tree and adjusted for the perfect angle. All metal construction for durability. Fits all Browning trail cameras and other game cameras with a 1/4-20 thread.
    $34.63 save 16%
  • Covert Tree60 Camera Mount

    Camera mount enabling vertical or horizontal positioning for best picture or video. Works on any device that uses a standard tripod thread.
    $16.32 save 15%
  • Cranford Midget T Screw-In Mount

    Trail camera mount featuring the EZY self tapping screw. Mounts to any camera with a universal 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threaded bushing. Universal ball swivel allows for 360 degree rotation and tilt.
    $20.49 save 15%


  • FirstCam Pro 3Sixty Tree Mount

    3Sixty Tree Mount swivels 360 degrees so you can easily adjust your trail camera position to take perfect pictures and videos. It requires minimal assembly, just screw it into the tree and simply attach your trail camera to the tripod mount. Compatible with all trail cameras equipped with a standard 1/4” tripod mount thread.
    $19.65 save 15%
  • FirstCam Pro Camera Bungee Cord

    1stCamPro Trail Camera Bungee Cord mounts your trail camera in just a few seconds. Just find the right tree for your trail camera and the elastic Bungee Cord wraps and secures around the tree in no time. 1stCamPro Bungee Cord is compatible with all 1stCamPro trail cameras and trail cameras which have a round locking hole on the backside of the camera. Flexible and elastic Bungee Cord covers wide range of tree thicknesses from 4"–13".
    $12.48 save 16%
  • FirstCam Pro Wall Mount

    1stCamPro Wall Mount allows you to use your trail camera for home surveillance. When using multiple Wall Mounts around your property, you can easily change the camera location as desired. Wide and adjustable tilting angles for various positions. Compatible with all trail cameras that are equipped with a 1/4“ thread. Includes screws (3), plugs (3) and hexagon socket (1).
    $10.53 save 16%
  • Hawk All-Camera Sport Mount

    The Hawk All-Camera Sport Mount features easy attach jaw style clamp, rugged flex arm and fast action recording.
    $30.06 save 16%
  • HME Easy-Aim Trail Camera Holder

    Easily screws into any tree and has a full 360 degrees of rotational adjustment along with 220 degrees of vertical adjustment. Made with a simple, compact and sturdy design to provide a dependable means for supporting all trail cameras with a 1/4-20 threaded bushing.
    $10.23 save 16%
  • HME Quick Mount Trail Camera Holder - 3 pk.

    HME-QMCH-3 features:Compact design, Works with all ¼’’ by 20mm threads, Convenient 3 pack, Easily screws into tree, Lock washer for perfect camera orientation
    $12.77 save 16%
  • HME T-Post Trail Camera Holder

    HME-TPCH features:Features ¼’’ by 20mm thread to accommodate any trail camera on the market, Vertical and horizontal adjustment for perfect camera placement , Lock washer to secure camera in place
    $11.69 save 16%


  • HME Trail Camera Holder Post

    HME-TCH-P features:Easy step-in design with dual prong prevents twisting, Lightweight design, 1/4’’ by 20mm thread to accommodate most cameras on the market, Wing nut for easy vertical adjustment ,
    $18.52 save 15%


  • Realtree EZ Mount - 13 in.

    EZ Mounts give you versatility for over the shoulder filming with action cameras and camera ready shots in arms reach. EZ Mounts can also be used with trail cameras and gives you a choice of any tree at any angle.
    $15.62 save 15%
  • Realtree EZ Mount - 34 in.

    EZ Mounts give you versatility for over the shoulder filming with action cameras and camera ready shots in arms reach. EZ Mounts can also be used with trail cameras and gives you a choice of any tree at any angle.
    $19.09 save 15%
  • Spartan Camera Mount w/Quick Aim Mount

    This screw in style articulating arm mount provides the ultimate is mounting adjustability. The ball socket camera mount rotates 360 degrees and tilts as much as 45 degrees up and down for precise positioning. This allows for the mounting of the Spartan Camera high on the tree and point it down minimizing sun problems. A high mount also keeps it out of the sight line of both people and animals for added security. The mount is constructed of die cast aluminum for the arm with a steel mounting auger.
    $29.64 save 16%


  • Spartan Stealth Camera Low Profile Mini Mount

    The Stealth is only 3 3/4” long with a weight of 4 ounces. The Stealth has a cork screw tip and CNC machined augur for quick easy installation. The thread length is 2 1/4” so you can have your camera right up against the tree for maximum concealment. The thread transitions from a taper to straight for maximum holding power.
    $23.70 save 16%
  • Stic-N-Pic Mini Screw-in Tree - Mount

    Screw-in game camera tree mount constructed of all steel. Features an aggressive screw tip for easy installation, adjustable camera tilt and 360 degree rotation.