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  • Antler Action Remote Rattle

    The Antler Action Remote Rattle is an antler rattle designed to be used with a tree stand to get the “Sound on the Ground” where the deer expect it to be while eliminating the hassles of using and stowing traditional rattles. With just 2 inches of pull on the control line the hunter can make realistic rattling without giving his position away, plus one hand is always free allowing the hunter to be ready at any time.
    $31.88 save 16%
  • Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Cow Elk Call

    Buck Baits Cow Elk Bite Reed Game Calls are very easy to use and sound great. The wood bell on the call makes the call have a mellow sound with a wonderful lifelike resonance. Include is a lanyard for carrying during your hunt.
    $27.06 save 16%
  • Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Deer Call - Buck Grunt

    Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Buck Grunt Game Call is a metallic tone board grunt call with weighted mylar reed tuned specifically for white tail buck.
    $27.06 save 16%
  • Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Deer Call - Doe Bleat

    Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Doe Bleat Game Call is a metallic tone board bleat call with weighted mylar reed tuned specifically for whitetail doe.
    $27.06 save 16%


  • Buck Baits Pot Call - Slate with Two Tone Striker

    Turkey pot call is designed over a glass soundboard which offers smooth full range of tones in your hand. The peg of the striker creates Jake and Hen turkey sounds, with higher yelps, cuts, and clucks on the outer edges and lower, deeper tones towards the middle of the slate.
    $51.21 save 15%
  • Carlton Lonesome Cow Elk Call - Lonesome Cow

    Features a larger call body than many calls for added volume and higher pitch. This means your calls carry farther to drive big bulls crazy. Simple to use, just bite and blow.
    $11.98 save 16%
  • Carlton Long Ranger/Fighti'n Cow Elk Call Combo

    The Long Ranger is a long-range call that is loud and high pitched. It will make a bull bugle from a long distance or make a bull bugle that is close but has quit calling. The Fight'n Cow Call has a range of sounds, from the high-pitch sounds of a cow elk fight to the soft, subtle sounds of a cow-in-heat. Each call has adjustable bands on the reed.
    $16.54 save 15%
  • Carlton Mac Daddy Elk Call

    The Mac Daddy is a bugle and cow call all wrapped into one. It is so easy to use that even the beginner can blow it. The Mac Daddy sounds are deep and rich, making them irresistible to the craftiest old bulls. This call includes mouthpiece with removable baffle, small removable grunt tube and lanyard with four loops. The mouthpiece features Infinity Latex. The Mac Daddy’s unique internal diaphragm is easily operated by simply changing the amount of pressure placed on the plunger while blowing the call. The baffle tones down volume for close-in calling. Includes Advantage Max-1 camo cover and instructional DVD.
    $26.58 save 16%


  • Cody II Glass Call

    Glass friction call set in a walnut wood pot with a heavy hickory striker.
    $42.52 save 16%


  • Cody II Slate Call

    Slate friction call set in a walnut wood pot with a heavy hickory striker.
    $42.52 save 16%
  • Cody Woodsman Glass Call

    Handmade call designed for superior tone and durability. Includes heavy hickory striker.
    $54.16 save 15%


  • Cody Woodsman Slate Call

    Handmade call designed for superior tone and durability. Includes heavy hickory striker.
    $54.16 save 15%


  • Convergent Bullet HP Bluetooth Calling System

    The Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Bluetooth Game Call was designed to be very rugged, plenty loud, exceptionally clear, and easy to use with the Convergent Hunting Solutions Companion Mobile Applications. Simply pair the Bullet HP with any Convergent Hunting Solutions mobile app running on your Android or Apple iOS device and you’re ready to hunt. Features up to a 300 foot range, rechargeable battery and an integrated decoy and ground spike. Runs for up to 10 hours per charge.
    $336.55 save 15%


  • Convergent Bullet HP Bluetooth Complete Calling - System

    The Convergent Hunting Bullet HP Bluetooth Game Call was designed to be very rugged, plenty loud, exceptionally clear, and easy to use with the Convergent Hunting Solutions Companion Mobile Applications. Simply pair the Bullet HP with any Convergent Hunting Solutions mobile app running on your Android or Apple iOS device and you’re ready to hunt. Features up to a 300 foot range, rechargeable battery and an integrated decoy and ground spike. Runs for up to 10 hours per charge. Includes the complete calling system with decoy, camo carry bag and picatinny phone mount.
    $382.91 save 15%


  • Duel Doe Next Door Micro Heat Bleat Deer Call

    Compact design with ridged mouthpiece for hands free use. FreezeFree design keeps the call working no matter the weather conditions. Includes lanyard with alligator clip to attach to your clothing anywhere you want.
    $22.54 save 16%
  • Duel Double Back Grunt Deer Call

    Built with Dual Chamber technology for authentic sounds. Make louder calls by exhaling in one end and softer calls by inhaling on the other. Seven different positions on the sound board make any call from fawn to mature buck. FreezeFree design for use in any weather conditions.
    $22.54 save 16%
  • Duel Meadow Mist Elk Call - Single Reed

    The Meadow Mist is a single reed mouth call designed for a comfortable fit. Put your own dual chambers to work and make a variety of cow calls and bull bugles.
    $12.08 save 16%


  • Duel Micro Cottontail Distress Predator Call

    Compact design creates screaming cottontail distress and bird distress calls.
    $17.78 save 15%
  • Duel Morning Blast Bull Elk Call - Double Reed

    The Morning Blast is a double reed mouth call with a comfortable fit. Transform your own dual chambers to an elk calling machine with the Morning Blast.
    $12.08 save 16%
  • Duel Open Reed Dominate Coyote Howler Call

    Larger, single reed call with a flex tube design. Creates coyote howls, barks, and pup distress calls.
    $22.54 save 16%
  • Duel Rolling Thunder Elk Call - Mossy Oak Mountain Country 17 in. Bugle - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Rolling Thunder StretchBack Bugle gives you the ability to sound like a bull on the move. An adjustable reed system combined with the StretchBack tube gives you unlimited options. Different diameter resonating chambers provide more realistic sound. The compact 17” size makes it easy to pack.
    $68.85 save 15%
  • Duel Rut Pack Deer Calls - 2 pk.

    Pack includes the Stretchback grunt call and Micro Heat bleat call.
    $48.47 save 16%
  • Duel Stretchback Grunt Call

    Allows you to instantly change the sound by extending the rubber “Stretchback” flex tube which creates the illusion of a moving animal. Rubber tube for a richer sound. FreezeFree design keeps the call working no matter the weather conditions.
    $33.80 save 16%
  • Duel Wapiti Wailer Elk Call

    Easy to use bite call that mimics cow’s high to low mew sounds. Extended nasal cavity for added resonance. Includes lanyard.
    $25.93 save 16%
  • Duel Widowmaker 1 Cow Elk Call

    Freeze free design blows even when wet. Easy to use call produces chirps, mews, and estrus calls.
    $20.55 save 15%
  • Duel Widowmaker 2 Young Cow Elk Call

    Easy to use call great for beginners, robust enough for pros. Produces chirps, mews, and estrus calls with a different tone. The freeze free design blows when wet, and won't freeze up, no matter what the weather does.
    $20.55 save 15%
  • Extreme Dimensions iHunt Ultimate Game Call

    Wireless Bluetooth speaker can be paired to any Android or iOS device. Works up to 100 yards away and does not require a cellular signal. After pairing the speaker with your device, simply download the free app which contains over 600 calling sounds from 46 species. Uses (4) C batteries (not included.)
    $65.82 save 15%
  • Extreme Dimensions iHunt XSB Game Call

    Bluetooth speaker plays animal sounds at levels up to 100 db. Simply use the iHunt app from your smartphone or tablet to control the speaker - no cellular signal required. Speaker is shock proof and water resistant for use in any conditions. iHunt app is free with the purchase of this item and gives the user access to 47 different species and over 600 distinct calls. Operates on (4) AA batteries (not included).
    $44.49 save 16%
  • Flambeau Circe Three-in-One Predator Call

    Three in one call produces long range jackrabbit, medium range cottontail and close range coaxer. Polycarbonate construction with a twistable mouth piece for call selection. Weatherproof and hand tuned.
    $21.22 save 15%
  • Flambeau D2D Goose Call

    The D2D Goose Call is a compact, short-reed, rugged honker for the dusk to dawn waterfowler offering a widened keg horn which creates easily manipulated back pressure to swing between blazind speed and crisp, tack driving clucks.
    $32.21 save 16%
  • Flambeau Long Honker Goose Call

    The Long Honker is an easy to operate with minimal air pressure goose call that utilizes an O-ring seal to eliminate air leaks maintaining call tonality and producing deep, natural, hollow honks, single and triple clucks and more.
    $31.27 save 16%
  • Flambeau Stuttgart Megaphone Duck Call

    The Stuttgart Megaphone offers a double-reed J-frame design creating Hard-hitting, max-volume producing roaring hail strings and commanding comeback calls plus agile, tone-controllable quacks.
    $36.22 save 16%
  • Flextone All-N-One Boned Up Deer Call

    Compact deer call is easy to carry. Simply blow the call for buck grunts or hold down the buttons for fawn bawls, doe bleats, and young buck grunts. Flexible body allows for changing of volume and tone.
    $11.66 save 16%
  • Flextone Battle Bag Plus Deer Call

    Rattle bag featuring Battle Sticks made from high-tech polymers for maximum volume housed inside a rubber bag. Creates early season sparring matches to the intense fights of the rut.
    $19.67 save 15%
  • Flextone Battle Bones Deer Call

    Two full antler racks for maximum rattling volume. Made with Bone Core technology for realistic rattling tone. Redesigned grip gives more control for easy rattling.
    $26.15 save 16%
  • Flextone Beard Box - Turkey Call

    The Beard Box features a compact, take-anywhere design. Handcrafted box call with a black cherry lid and two-sided poplar base. Hand-tuned to perfection, both pieces come together for two distinct tones. Ready for action and hand-tuned to perfection, you'll get double the purrs, cuts, clucks and yelps to drive any old tom nuts.
    $19.91 save 15%
  • Flextone Box Call Chalk - With Waterproof Case

    Conditioning is essential if you want clear, authentic sounds, and chalk is the easiest, quickest way to a perfectly conditioned box call. This five-pack includes a waterproof case that keeps chalk dry and ready to go regardless of field elements.
    $7.07 save 15%
  • Flextone Buck Collector Plus Deer Call

    The Buck Collector Plus ups the ante with user-friendly features that make this the perfect call for both beginners and experts anyone looking to fool that once-in-a-lifetime buck. Tru-Touch buttons mean you'll get the right call, and the perfect call, every time as you quickly transition between buck growls, fawn bawls and doe bleats. The soft, flexible exterior is easy to manipulate for natural-sounding calls that change in tone, volume and inflection. It's as accurate as it is compelling, and it's a must-have for any whitetail hunter looking for that extra edge.
    $19.67 save 15%
  • Flextone Buck Rage Plus Deer Call

    Produces all known sounds of whitetail, mule, and blacktail deer. Includes the Buck Rage call and Killer Wheeze. Tone bulb end creates perfect back pressure for growls and aggressive grunts.
    $19.67 save 15%
  • Flextone Canada Goose Call - Realtree

    The Team Realtree Canada Goose call features a durable polycarbonate barrel. The flexible bell controls volume, tone and backpressure. Easily produces honks and double clucks.
    $20.46 save 15%
  • Flextone Coon Squaller

    Flexible design gives you more control of volume and tone. Soft bodied call produces a more natural sound than traditional hard calls. Raspy fighting sounds with lots of inflection. Compact size. Incredible durability. Deadly on raccoons.
    $11.46 save 16%
  • Flextone Coyote Rage Howler Call

    The Flextone Coyote Rage Coyote Call is a great long distance call and locator and produces yips, barks and howls. The call features natural sounds and has a soft, flexible barrel that controls volume and back pressure when you squeeze the end. The call remains silent even if it accidentally comes into contact with your gun or a bow.
    $14.99 save 16%
  • Flextone Dirty Lil' Hen - Turkey Call

    The Dirty Lil’ Hen is a double reed call without any cuts. Produces clear kee-kees and clear tone for loud or soft calling.
    $11.40 save 16%
  • Flextone Dying Rabbit Call

    The Flextone Dying Rabbit Predator Call produces a a natural sound that is excellent for long distances and a great coaxing tool. The flexible design gives the call a lot of inflection and a natural pleading sound. Simply squeeze the end closed to produce the sound and release for louder volume.
    $11.46 save 16%
  • Flextone Freak Nasty - Turkey Call

    The Freak Nasty is a triple reed call with a double batwing cut. Produces loud, super raspy cuts, yelps and cackles. Deep tones for soft clucks and purrs.
    $11.40 save 16%
  • Flextone Kung Fo Chop - Turkey Call

    The Kung Fu Chop produces clear clucks, purrs and whines. Slight rasp with loud yelps and cuts.
    $11.04 save 16%
  • Flextone Lightning Crow - Locator Call

    The Lightning Crow is perfect for locating turkeys or calling crows. Features extreme long range volume and a soft body for natural sounds.
    $14.90 save 15%
  • Flextone Lightning Owl - Locator Call

    The Lightning Owl features an oversized barrel for increased volume, unique tone button for instant screams, soft body for ultra-realistic owl calls and port holes for error proof calling.
    $14.90 save 15%
  • Flextone Makin Bacon Hog Call

    The Makin' Bacon effectively reproduces the distress calls of both young and old pigs with an expandable flex hose that provides variation in tone and inflection. It delivers impressive volume for locating hog packs at a distance, and also makes softer calls to trigger close-range encounters.
    $11.46 save 16%


  • Flextone Natural Bone GruntR Deer Call

    Allows adjustments for mature buck, young buck, doe, and fawn bleats. Easy to use design with flexible tube.
    $11.66 save 16%
  • Flextone Ol Bushytail Squirrel Call

    The Ol’ Bushytail is a four in one squirrel call that produces barks, whines, chatter and distress calls. Effective on fox and gray squirrels.
    $16.33 save 15%
  • Flextone Ol Faithful Glass Call

    Offers versatile and responsive calls to produce maximum volume and realistic turkey tones. Glass surface over glass soundboard. Includes Magnum wood striker, and sandpaper for conditioning and tuning.
    $39.87 save 16%


  • Flextone Pot Luck Glass Call

    Designed with a compact, and waterproof design, the glass surface over the glass sound board paired with the carbon striker produces loud realistic turkey sounds.
    $19.19 save 15%
  • Flextone Show Stopper Pot Call - Glass Turkey Call

    The glass surface over a glass soundboard hands over the supernova volume needed to reach stubborn gobblers. A highly effective locating call, the Show Stopper's super-responsive glass surface instantly transitions from loud to soft calling with a perfectly balanced magnum wood striker. The custom, wide-ridged pot forms a solid gripping surface so your calls never falter. Always stay on-tune with the included conditioning screen and sandpaper. From cuts to kee-kees, the Show Stopper Glass will get it right every time.
    $22.02 save 15%
  • Flextone Show Stopper Pot Call - Slate Turkey Call

    The soft slate surface and glass soundboard on the Show Stopper Slate are at their best when hitting quiet finishing sounds. But this pot easily covers a full range of ultra-realistic turkey tones; it's got plenty of volume for loud cuts and yelps to reach distant gobblers, too. No matter how many yelps, clucks, cuts or purrs you put the Show Stopper Slate through, it won't lose that brand-new sound. The included sandpaper and conditioning screen keep it perfectly tuned, and the magnum wood striker is balanced just right.
    $22.02 save 15%
  • Flextone Six N One Waterfowl Whistle

    The Six-N-One waterfowl whistle produces the sounds of six birds with one call: mallard drake, pintail, widgeon, teal, wood duck and bobwhite. A flexible body gives you the power to control volume and tone to achieve more life-like sounds.
    $10.47 save 16%
  • Flextone Smack Down - Turkey Call

    The Smack Down is a triple reed call with half and half cut. Produces medium rasp to loud call and softer calling creates clearer tones.
    $10.56 save 16%
  • Flextone Small Frame Split V - Turkey Mouth Call

    Flextone's versatile small-frame diaphragm calls present options so everyone can enjoy turkey calling. These calls bring familiar cuts and reeds to streamlined designs that fit comfortably in smaller palates for the best possible performance. The compact size also provides maximum control so you can get creative with your calling. The Lil' V combines a thin .003" reed with a slightly thicker V-cut .004" reed. These small variances in reed thickness and cut turn over super easy yelps, seductive clucks and purrs and demanding cuts with just the right amount of rasp.
    $11.04 save 16%


  • Flextone Split Hen - Turkey Call

    The Split Hen is a split, double reed design that's incredibly easy to use. This reed and cut configuration produces realistic hen turkey sounds with minimal effort. It achieves great sounding clucks, cuts and purrs and a well-defined, raspy two-note yelp.
    $10.56 save 16%
  • Flextone Spur Collector - Turkey Call

    The Spur Collector is a triple reed call with a V cut. Produces loud, super raspy cuts, yelps and cackles and deep tones during soft clucks and purrs. Versatile and forgiving.
    $11.40 save 16%
  • Flextone The Headhunter Deer Call

    Headhunter deer call uses an easy slide adjustment to quickly go from buck grunts to doe bleat and fawn bawls. Also features a built in snort wheeze chamber. Rubber hose end provides natural tones.
    $23.71 save 16%
  • Flextone Thunder Cluck N Purr Call - Gen 2

    Designed for mid to close range calling. Small double reeds for soft clucks and purrs. Ergonomic mouth piece for consistent tones.
    $19.67 save 15%
  • Flextone Thunder Cut'N Call - Gen 2

    Designed for mid to long range calling. Produces loud, raspy yelps and cuts perfect for locating gobblers. Ergonomic mouth piece for loud calling.
    $19.67 save 15%
  • Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble - Turkey Call

    The Thunder Shaker Gobble makes gobbling easier than ever with a user-friendly handheld design. No need to waste time practicing with difficult mouth and diaphragm calls; anyone can master this call in mere seconds. Simply shake the bellows for instant, realistic gobbles. The compact size stows easily.
    $19.67 save 15%


  • Flextone Thunder Yelper Call - Gen 2

    Offers close to mid-range calling with perfect soft and seductive yelps. Easier to use than traditional mouth calls.
    $19.67 save 15%
  • Flextone Tine Teaser

    With this compact design, the Tine Teaser allows for hands free calling, and its soft rubber body allows for instant grunts, bleats, or bawls.
    $11.66 save 16%
  • Flextone Wood Duck Call

    The Flextone Wood Duck call features a flexible body for volume and tone control. Produces wood duck yodels, feeding chatter and more.
    $11.46 save 16%
  • Flextone WTF Grunter Deer Call

    The WTF Grunt'R uses Inflection Chamber Technology to mimic the natural inflection in sounds made my rutting deer. Compress, expand or bend the chamber to instantly change the sound of your call. The chamber can even cut off airflow, creating the sound of an out-of-breath buck. Tru-Touch buttons for failure-proof doe and fawn sounds plus a durable snort wheeze chamber will enhance your call library even more.
    $21.44 save 15%
  • Haydels Baby Cottontail Predator Call

    Emits the high pitched screams of a baby cottontail in distress. Extra volume is achieved with plastic barrels.
    $14.24 save 16%
  • Haydels Big Barreled Cut Down Mallard Call

    The Big Barreled call is a hybrid of the Cutdown and Big Barreled calls of the past. Aggressively tuned to handle most any situation.
    $25.34 save 16%


  • Haydels Cajun Squeal Mallard Call - 2-Reed

    Great call for finesse calling, slightly higher pitched. Produces a squeal at the end of each note.
    $25.34 save 16%
  • Haydels Carbon Kwacker Mallard Duck Call - 2-Reed Carbon Finish

    The CK-2 gives you a call like no other. This double reed call is tuned on the raspy side for aggressive calling. The carbon finish makes it stand out giving you a fine looking call.
    $50.01 save 16%
  • Haydels Cocacrylic Mallard Duck Call - 2-Reed

    A handsome cocabolo blowing barrel, warm to the touch; combined with the irresistible sound of an injected acrylic exhaust barrel. Double Reed and blows wet.
    $64.74 save 15%
  • Haydels Compensator Speck Call

    This call eliminates all the guess work with hand position as the baffle is designed where you can blow straight through the call holding it with only two fingers for the perfect yodel.
    $25.34 save 16%
  • Haydels Compensator Wood Duck Call

    Every squeal and whine a wood duck makes can be created on this call. The compensator is configured so that no hand manipulation is necessary to create the squeals however the rubber can be changed to create new sounds.
    $17.73 save 15%
  • Haydels Coyote Howler Predator Call

    This compact Coyote howler is designed to locate and call dominate dogs.
    $17.73 save 15%
  • Haydels Deer Grunt

    Tube type grunt call.
    $18.27 save 15%
  • Haydels Deluxe Squirrel Call

    Deluxe 3-in-1 Squirrel emits bark or chatter. Blowing moderately into the exhaust barrel gives the cry of Grey Squirrels. Blowing 5 panicky notes creates the high-pitched cries of a baby in distress.
    $17.73 save 15%
  • Haydels Dirty Rice Mallard Call

    This is a Cajun Squeal style of call that has been popular in getting the sound of mallards when they are feeding on rice. The barrels have been designed so that it is easier to get the squeal out of this double-reeded call.
    $27.37 save 16%
  • Haydels Dual Baby Rabbit Coaxer Predator Call

    Has unique dual voice box. Blow on one end for the cottontail and the other end for the Jackrabbit.
    $14.24 save 16%
  • Haydels Gadwall Call

    With the increase in the population of gadwalls over recent years many hunters have come to rely on these birds. Now you can speak their own language. Produces the “tat-tat” sound of the drakes as well as the nasally quacks of hens.
    $17.73 save 15%
  • Haydels Government Hunter Cottontail Predator Call

    Double reed with coaxer voice. A super gravely sound is created, while blowing into this call. When blowing on the opposite end you get a squeaker sound for close in calling. Hyper-ventilating death cries can be accomplished by blowing and sucking air from either end.
    $15.03 save 15%
  • Haydels Honker Goose Call

    Produce deep guttural tones. Has excellent cluck and crying comeback call. Impervious to moisture and easy to blow.
    $23.31 save 16%
  • Haydels Magnum Cottontail Predator Call

    Produces the sound of a cottontail in distress.
    $12.04 save 16%
  • Haydels Magnum Honker Goose Call

    Magnum Honker is constructed with double o-rings and newly designed barrels.
    $30.43 save 16%
  • Haydels Magnum Pintail Call

    Super loud, for Pintail, Widgeon, Teal, and the Mallard Drake. It’s also an easy and effective way to get a child involved.
    $11.09 save 16%
  • Haydels Magnum Wood Duck Call

    A louder wood duck call. Can be choked down for when they are close.
    $25.34 save 16%
  • Haydels Mouse Squeaker Predator Call

    A mouth blown mouse squeaker for use when animals are in close.
    $12.04 save 16%
  • Haydels Mr Squirrel Whistle

    Imitates the distress call of a young squirrel.
    $14.24 save 16%
  • Haydels Non-Typical Inhale Deer Grunt

    Will not freeze up. This inhale grunt call is even more realistic than the original. It's completely rubberized, so you'll have no fear dropping it while drawing and making noise. Squeeze to make grunts with inflection.
    $19.82 save 15%
  • Haydels Raccoon Squaller Call

    This call produces the distress cry of the raccoon.
    $14.24 save 16%
  • Haydels Red Leg Mallard Call

    Designed to give the finest impersonation of a “susie mallard”; this call is hand tuned by professional callers and blows wet. Double “O” ring construction insures a tight seal; while the double-reed system famous in the “DR-85” provides resonance.
    $37.29 save 16%
  • Haydels Timber Cutter Mallard Call

    This new call is tuned especially for hunting in timber where softer but more demanding calls are the rule.
    $39.99 save 16%
  • Haydels Ultimate Predator Call

    This call is designed to be flexible and do it all from bobcats to coyotes. The flexible tooth positions on the call allow the caller to make a wide variety of sounds, high, low, clear, to raspy.
    $17.19 save 15%
  • Haydels Ultimate Predator Call Kit

    This kit features the SPH-06 Howler and GHC Distress Call along with an instructional DVD by Byron South of the “Coming to the Call” series. Actual hunting footage included.
    $27.37 save 16%
  • HS Strut Hammerin Crow Call

    This excellent gobbler locator call has an adjustable reed to allow for multiple tones.
    $8.15 save 16%


  • HS Strut Push Button Yelper - Turkey Call

    Made from select walnut, this call s easy to use and offers fingertip control. Good for soft clucks, purrs and yelps. Includes chalk.
    $16.94 save 15%


  • HS Strut Raspy Old Hen - Slate Pot Call

    Lightweight and compact call with patented Ring Zone technology produces soft seductive sounds. Includes a carbon striker and a Premium Flex Raspy Old Hen diaphram call.
    $24.26 save 16%


  • Hunters Specialties Cookie Cutter - Turkey Pot Call

    The Cookie Cutt’R features a slate pot call and removable tracer lid for learning the various calling techniques.
    $20.40 save 15%


  • Hunters Specialties Estrus Bleat Can Call

    Hunters Specialties can deer calls are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes. This medium-size call produces the sound of an adult doe in estrus. Its ample volume is effective across a long range and works well throughout the rut.
    $13.12 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Estrus Bleat Deer Call - Adult Doe

    These easy to use can calls make the sound of a doe in estrus and work throughout the rut.
    $10.89 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Fearsome 4 Turkey Call - Diaphragm 4 pk.

    The Fearsome 4 includes the Double Dead, Cutt'n 2.5, Double D and Power V calls along with a call box for storage.
    $15.32 save 15%
  • Hunters Specialties Hedge Cutt'R Turkey Call - Box Call Strut Select

    The Select Hedge Cutt'r Box Call is constructed from American cherry and hedge hard-wood and matched with a medium-density cherry lid producing high-pitched yet respy hen calls ranging from far traveling distant calls to cloe-in sweet talk.
    $37.08 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Raspy Old Hen Turkey Call - Box Call

    The Raspy Old Hen Box Call is CNC machined from a solid billet of select cherry wood and topped with a maple lid to create natural, consistent tones with quality craftsmanship and styling.
    $19.67 save 15%
  • Hunters Specialties Raspy Old Hen Turkey Call - Diaphragm Call

    The Premim Flex Rasphy Old Hen is made with precision stretched Infinity Latex with two reeds, the top being double-split to produce consistent, accurate calls.
    $6.90 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Raspy Old Hen Turkey Call - Glass Pot Call

    Lightweight and compact call with patented Ring Zone technology produces high pitch and volume. Includes a carbon striker and a Premium Flex Raspy Old Hen diaphram call.
    $22.31 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Ruttin Buck Rattling Bag

    Tuned hardwood elements in a durable bag produce authentic sounds of battling bucks. The lanyard provides for easy carrying and one handed operation. Comes with silencer strap for quiet transport.
    $11.45 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Slingblade - Turkey Box Call

    The Slingblade Box Call is a single-sided box call that is constructed of a solid billet of American Walnut with an exotic Purple Heart lid. With only one striking side, the open-close operation is fool proof. The off side is taller, which stops the paddle in the same place every time. Like the open and closing of a door, rhythm and cadence is all you need to master. The hand-tuned Slingblade produces fine turkey talk every time.
    $33.94 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Spring Yelper Turkey Call - Box Call

    Made from American poplar and walnut the Spring Yelp'R offers an unique spring design that returns the lid to its home position automatically creaing perfect yelps, cutts, clucks, whines and purrs.
    $29.11 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Strut Legends Turkey Call - Combo 4 pk.

    Four pack of turkey diaphragm calls. Includes the Premium Flex Power Cutter, Power V, Deep Cut and The Fang diaphragm calls with Infinity Latex and the Legends 4 DVD, featuring 12 hunts from H.S. pros.
    $16.43 save 15%


  • Hunters Specialties Strut Select Strike 1 Dymalux - 1 Piece Striker

    The Select Striker has one-piece construction made from a compilation of pressurized native hardwoods and an advanced eposy resin producing amazing turkey vocals.
    $29.11 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Strut Select Turkey Call - Closing Time Glass Pan Call

    Made from American walnut and CNC machined to exact specification, the Closing Time Pot Call features a frosted, high-pitched glass surface, Dymalux/Ash striker and a pre-tuned soundboard for perfect sound.
    $37.08 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Strut Select Turkey Call - Closing Time Slate Pan Call

    The Select Closing Time Pot call is made from American, Kiln-dried walnut that is CNC machined to exact specification, has a pure raw slate striking surface and a glass soundboard. Made in the USA
    $41.73 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Strut Tone Trough Calls - Turkey Tutor 3 pk.

    Includes the Premium Flex Raspy Old Hen, Cutt'n 2.5 and Split V II diaphragm calls with Infinity Latex and instructional DVD. Comes with a carrying case.
    $15.15 save 16%


  • Hunters Specialties Super Strut Combo

    Kit includes: Sweet Suzie Snood Glass Call, Hammerin' Crow Call, Barred Owl Hooter and Premium Flex Double D Diaphragm.
    $26.74 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Suzie Snood Turkey Call - Box Call

    The Suzie Snood Box Call is produced from a single-billet of select poplar that is CNC machined to exact specification with a walnut paddle that is small yet mighty producing high-pitched yelps, cutts, clucks and purrs.
    $15.32 save 15%


  • Hunters Specialties Suzie Snood Turkey Call - Glass

    The Suzie Snood Glass call creates high-pitch calls with the right amound of rasp producing an array of calls from soft, seductive calls to wind cutting yelps with the included carbon striker.
    $13.54 save 16%


  • Hunters Specialties Suzie Snood Turkey Call - Slate

    The Suzie Snood Slate call is made from a 3" piece of pure slate mined from Pennsylvania coupled with a carbon strike producing high-pitched yelps, soft clucks and purrs. Made in the USA.
    $15.32 save 15%


  • Hunters Specialties Triple Trauma Turkey Call - Diaphragm Call

    The Premim Flex Rasphy Old Hen is made with precision stretched Infinity Latex with three reeds, the top being double-cut to produce consistent, accurate calls.
    $6.88 save 15%


  • Hunters Specialties True Talker OG Deer Call

    The True Talker OG features an improved internal reed design that allows for authentic mature buck grunts and aggressive growls and roars.
    $20.31 save 15%