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Hunters Specialties


  • HS Strut Push Button Yelper - Turkey Call

    Made from select walnut, this call s easy to use and offers fingertip control. Good for soft clucks, purrs and yelps. Includes chalk.
    $16.94 save 15%
  • HS Strut Raspy Old Hen - Slate Pot Call

    Lightweight and compact call with patented Ring Zone technology produces soft seductive sounds. Includes a carbon striker and a Premium Flex Raspy Old Hen diaphram call.
    $18.33 save 15%
  • HS Strut Smokin' Gun Box Call

    Made of select one piece walnut, each side produces a variety of clear to raspy turkey sounds. Waterproof. Never needs chalk.
    $29.69 save 16%


  • Hunters Specialties Cookie Cutter - Turkey Pot Call

    The Cookie Cutt’R features a slate pot call and removable tracer lid for learning the various calling techniques.
    $19.65 save 15%
  • Hunters Specialties Custom - Craft Series Slate Call

    The specially design sound boards and American walnut pans resonate to project the richest, most authentic turkey calls out there. Slate surface is perfect for soft purrs and clucks when you need to close the distance on a gobbler. Includes a tuned HS Strut wood striker.
    $29.09 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Double Spur - Pan Call

    This call features both glass and slate surfaces to give you a 2-n-1 double sided call for any situation. The pre-sanded glass surface side comes ready to play out of the box. The slate side creates soft purrs and clucks. The Walnut wood pan gives this call a rich sound. Includes a Maple/Hickory wood striker.
    $37.07 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Slingblade - Turkey Box Call

    The Slingblade Box Call is a single-sided box call that is constructed of a solid billet of American Walnut with an exotic Purple Heart lid. With only one striking side, the open-close operation is fool proof. The off side is taller, which stops the paddle in the same place every time. Like the open and closing of a door, rhythm and cadence is all you need to master. The hand-tuned Slingblade produces fine turkey talk every time.
    $33.94 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Triple - Trauma Box Call

    Triple Trauma adjustable box call produces multiple tones in one call. Quickly switch between 3 paddle positions to sound like multiple turkeys in the field. Large waterproof Poplar wood box for great volume in any weather condition.
    $31.03 save 16%