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  • Flextone Dirty Lil' Hen - Turkey Call

    The Dirty Lil’ Hen is a double reed call without any cuts. Produces clear kee-kees and clear tone for loud or soft calling.
    $10.03 save 16%
  • Flextone Freak Nasty - Turkey Call

    The Freak Nasty is a triple reed call with a double batwing cut. Produces loud, super raspy cuts, yelps and cackles. Deep tones for soft clucks and purrs.
    $10.03 save 16%
  • Flextone Kung Fo Chop - Turkey Call

    The Kung Fu Chop produces clear clucks, purrs and whines. Slight rasp with loud yelps and cuts.
    $10.03 save 16%
  • Flextone Smack Down - Turkey Call

    The Smack Down is a triple reed call with half and half cut. Produces medium rasp to loud call and softer calling creates clearer tones.
    $10.03 save 16%
  • Flextone Small Frame Split V - Turkey Mouth Call

    Flextone's versatile small-frame diaphragm calls present options so everyone can enjoy turkey calling. These calls bring familiar cuts and reeds to streamlined designs that fit comfortably in smaller palates for the best possible performance. The compact size also provides maximum control so you can get creative with your calling. The Lil' V combines a thin .003" reed with a slightly thicker V-cut .004" reed. These small variances in reed thickness and cut turn over super easy yelps, seductive clucks and purrs and demanding cuts with just the right amount of rasp.
    $10.03 save 16%
  • Flextone Split Hen - Turkey Call

    The Split Hen is a split, double reed design that's incredibly easy to use. This reed and cut configuration produces realistic hen turkey sounds with minimal effort. It achieves great sounding clucks, cuts and purrs and a well-defined, raspy two-note yelp.
    $7.07 save 15%
  • Flextone Spur Collector - Turkey Call

    The Spur Collector is a triple reed call with a V cut. Produces loud, super raspy cuts, yelps and cackles and deep tones during soft clucks and purrs. Versatile and forgiving.
    $10.03 save 16%
  • Flextone Thunder Cluck N Purr - Call Gen 2

    Designed for mid to close range calling. Small double reeds for soft clucks and purrs. Ergonomic mouth piece for consistent tones.
    $18.88 save 15%
  • Flextone Thunder Cut'N Call - Gen 2

    Designed for mid to long range calling. Produces loud, raspy yelps and cuts perfect for locating gobblers. Ergonomic mouth piece for loud calling.
    $18.88 save 15%
  • Flextone Thunder Yelper Call - Gen 2

    Offers close to mid-range calling with perfect soft and seductive yelps. Easier to use than traditional mouth calls.
    $18.88 save 15%
  • Flextone Turkey Man Series - Double Stack Mouth Call - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The stacked frame design features a double reed bottom and single reed top. Provides exceptional volume control.
    $12.01 save 16%