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Grunt and Bleat Calls

Buck Baits
Buck Baits
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Haydel Game Calls
Haydel Game Calls
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Hunters Specialties
Hunters Specialties
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Quaker Boy
Quaker Boy
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  • Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Deer Call - Buck Grunt

    Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Buck Grunt Game Call is a metallic tone board grunt call with weighted mylar reed tuned specifically for white tail buck.
    $27.06 save 16%
  • Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Deer Call - Doe Bleat

    Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Doe Bleat Game Call is a metallic tone board bleat call with weighted mylar reed tuned specifically for whitetail doe.
    $27.06 save 16%
  • Duel Doe Next Door Micro Heat Bleat Deer Call

    Compact design with ridged mouthpiece for hands free use. FreezeFree design keeps the call working no matter the weather conditions. Includes lanyard with alligator clip to attach to your clothing anywhere you want.
    $22.54 save 16%
  • Duel Double Back Grunt Deer Call

    Built with Dual Chamber technology for authentic sounds. Make louder calls by exhaling in one end and softer calls by inhaling on the other. Seven different positions on the sound board make any call from fawn to mature buck. FreezeFree design for use in any weather conditions.
    $22.54 save 16%
  • Duel Rut Pack Deer Calls - 2 pk.

    Pack includes the Stretchback grunt call and Micro Heat bleat call.
    $48.47 save 16%
  • Duel Stretchback Grunt Call

    Allows you to instantly change the sound by extending the rubber “Stretchback” flex tube which creates the illusion of a moving animal. Rubber tube for a richer sound. FreezeFree design keeps the call working no matter the weather conditions.
    $33.80 save 16%
  • Flextone All-N-One Boned Up Deer Call

    Compact deer call is easy to carry. Simply blow the call for buck grunts or hold down the buttons for fawn bawls, doe bleats, and young buck grunts. Flexible body allows for changing of volume and tone.
    $12.28 save 16%


  • Flextone Buck Collector Plus Deer Call

    The Buck Collector Plus ups the ante with user-friendly features that make this the perfect call for both beginners and experts anyone looking to fool that once-in-a-lifetime buck. Tru-Touch buttons mean you'll get the right call, and the perfect call, every time as you quickly transition between buck growls, fawn bawls and doe bleats. The soft, flexible exterior is easy to manipulate for natural-sounding calls that change in tone, volume and inflection. It's as accurate as it is compelling, and it's a must-have for any whitetail hunter looking for that extra edge.
    $21.04 save 15%


  • Flextone Buck Rage Plus Deer Call

    Produces all known sounds of whitetail, mule, and blacktail deer. Includes the Buck Rage call and Killer Wheeze. Tone bulb end creates perfect back pressure for growls and aggressive grunts.
    $21.04 save 15%
  • Flextone Natural Bone GruntR Deer Call

    Allows adjustments for mature buck, young buck, doe, and fawn bleats. Easy to use design with flexible tube.
    $11.84 save 16%


  • Flextone The Headhunter Deer Call

    Headhunter deer call uses an easy slide adjustment to quickly go from buck grunts to doe bleat and fawn bawls. Also features a built in snort wheeze chamber. Rubber hose end provides natural tones.
    $24.65 save 16%
  • Flextone WTF Grunter Deer Call

    The WTF Grunt'R uses Inflection Chamber Technology to mimic the natural inflection in sounds made my rutting deer. Compress, expand or bend the chamber to instantly change the sound of your call. The chamber can even cut off airflow, creating the sound of an out-of-breath buck. Tru-Touch buttons for failure-proof doe and fawn sounds plus a durable snort wheeze chamber will enhance your call library even more.
    $22.31 save 16%


  • Haydels Deer Grunt

    Tube type grunt call.
    $18.27 save 15%
  • Haydels Non-Typical Inhale Deer Grunt

    Will not freeze up. This inhale grunt call is even more realistic than the original. It's completely rubberized, so you'll have no fear dropping it while drawing and making noise. Squeeze to make grunts with inflection.
    $19.82 save 15%
  • Hunter Specialties DOD Buck Bark Deer Call

    The Buck Bark Deer Call features injection model rubber construction and new Hunter Specialties internals. Includes a unique skull design with a snort wheeze exhaust.
    $22.05 save 16%


  • Hunter Specialties DOD Dominant Doe Bleat

    The Dominant Doe Bleat Deer Call features an adjustable O-ring to manipulate vocals. Made from molded rubber, this call utilizes new internals from Hunters Specialties.
    $19.31 save 15%
  • Hunters Specialties Estrus Bleat Can Call

    Hunters Specialties can deer calls are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes. This medium-size call produces the sound of an adult doe in estrus. Its ample volume is effective across a long range and works well throughout the rut.
    $14.33 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Estrus Bleat Deer Call - Adult Doe

    These easy to use can calls make the sound of a doe in estrus and work throughout the rut.
    $11.75 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties True Talker OG Deer Call

    The True Talker OG features an improved internal reed design that allows for authentic mature buck grunts and aggressive growls and roars.
    $21.72 save 15%


  • Hunters Specialties Young Doe Estrus Bleat Can - Estrus Bleat Can

    Hunters Specialties can deer calls are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes. This call’s higher pitch produces the sound of a young doe in estrus and is very effective throughout the rut.
    $10.66 save 16%
  • Illusion Extinguisher Deer Call - Black

    The Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call System is an all-in-one deer calling system. Easily go from fawn, to doe, to a mature buck all by sliding your finger. The Extinguisher utilizes technology like a dual layered throat tube design, Freeze-Free design for cold temperatures and an easy to use sliding chamber to change your call instantly.
    $26.36 save 13%


  • Illusion Extinguisher Deer Call - Camo

    The Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call System is an all-in-one deer calling system. Easily go from fawn, to doe, to a mature buck all by sliding your finger. The Extinguisher utilizes technology like a dual layered throat tube design, Freeze-Free design for cold temperatures and an easy to use sliding chamber to change your call instantly.
    $34.38 save 13%
  • MAD Hyper Growl Deer Call

    The Hyper-Ventilator is a realistic replica of a buck's sinus cavities allowing this call to resonate with the truest snort-wheeze possible, and the reed system won't lock up no matter how loud you blow.
    $21.22 save 15%


  • MAD RIP Growl Deer Call

    The Mad Rip Growl Deer Call shouts out natural whitetail vocals by combining a reflective nasal and vocal cavity to process the volume of air an actual whitetail would use. Can also emit doe and fawn vocals. Includes a removable snort wheeze.
    $21.22 save 15%
  • Primos Bottle Neck Grunt Call

    Soft flexible bottleneck design automatically creates back pressure that Speaks The Language. The Bottleneck Deer Grunt is the perfect call for those that want to produce ideal mid-tone grunts and roars. The call’s compact size and soft all rubber design make it easily accessible when calling in the big bucks.
    $20.98 save 15%
  • Primos Buck Roar II Grunt Call

    The Buck Roar 2 offers a re-positioned barrel and reed creating an enhanced fit and air flow over the original Buck Roar creating sharper and more responsive grunts and by inserting a baffle in the wheeze and trumpeting the exit, the exact wheeze sound of a challenging buck can easily be duplicated.
    $24.67 save 16%


  • Primos Deer Bleat and Bawl Call

    Hunters just cannot believe how the bawl brings does charging in during the early season. This call also reproduces a short bleat and Estrus bleat, perfect for all season hunting when you’re after that big buck.
    $11.04 save 16%
  • Primos Hard Fawn Bleat Deer Call

    The Hardwood Fawn Bleat is perfect for the early bow season, reproduces the distress bleat and bawl of a young deer; thus, appealing to the maternal instinct of all does.
    $17.84 save 15%
  • Primos Hardwood Grunter Deer Call

    Adjustable to six separate positions, this call creates the various calls deer make. It is made of select hardwood.
    $21.66 save 15%
  • Primos Little Big Roar Deer Call

    The Little Big Roar reproduces aggressive buck grunts that you will most commonly hear during peak times of the rut. The Little Big Roar has a hardwood barrel, and the resonating end is made from soft rubber that you can squeeze to manipulate the sound. Now you can reproduce the aggressive grunts that bucks make when their testosterone levels are through the roof with the Little Big Roar.
    $28.03 save 16%
  • Primos Power Buck/Doe Deer Call

    This call allows you to bleat and grunt using just one call. The Power Buck and Doe’s dual reed assembly for inhale-exhale operation produces the throaty grunts and clicking tones of aggressive bucks and Estrus Bleats and cries of does. It includes a built-in compass.
    $19.15 save 15%


  • Primos Revolver Grunt Deer Call

    Simple revolving dial design adjusts call for a fawn bleat, doe bleat, doe grunt, young buck, or mature buck. Soft touch body for quiet carry.
    $27.52 save 16%
  • Primos Rubber Neck Deer Call

    Go from mature to young buck grunts with a simple push of a button using this adjustable, rubber deer call. It includes a lanyard and elastic arm band.
    $18.15 save 15%
  • Primos Rut Roar Deer Grunt Call

    Designed to produce aggressive, mature buck sounds. Features a built-in snort wheeze and ergonomic shape for directional calling. Includes arm strap.
    $19.65 save 15%
  • Primos The Can Call - Great Big Can

    The larger size produces louder long range estrus bleats. Great for all phases of the rut. Perfect for windy days and hunting wide open fields.
    $13.50 save 16%
  • Primos The Can Call - Lil Can Hyper Doe Bleat

    The Lil’ Can is perfect for early season calling. Whitetail, Blacktail, and Mule Deer can all respond quickly and dramatically to the quivering doe Estrus Bleats produced by The Lil’ Can. The smaller sizer produces higher pitched bleats of young does.
    $11.43 save 16%
  • Primos The Can Call - Long Can

    The Long Can produces longer, more intense Estrus Bleats, which lets bucks know there is a doe that’s ready to be bred.
    $13.92 save 16%
  • Primos The Can Call - Original Estrus Bleat

    The Can Origional produces doe estrus bleats. Featues True Grip and a raised thumb hole locator for an insured seal and consistent sound.
    $10.83 save 16%


  • Primos The Can Call Family Pack - 3 pk.

    Comes with The Original Can, The Lil' Can and The Great Big Can to produce a wide variety of deer calls with easy one-hand operation.
    $31.88 save 16%
  • Primos Trophy Grunter Deer Call

    No matter where or what season you hunt, the Trophy Grunter can bring in that big buck for the perfect shot. The 6 in 1 adjustable reed assembly reproduces everything from grunts to bleats. Features an expandable hose for variable tones and pitches.
    $12.01 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Bleat-In-Heat Deer Can Call

    The Bleat-in-Heat makes a perfect doe bleat every time. It has a silencer system for carrying and includes a protective lid.
    $12.27 save 16%


  • Quaker Boy Brawler Buck Call - Buck Call

    Constructed to mimic a buck's windpipe and mouth, this advanced grunt call accurately handles a full range of old and young buck sounds.
    $24.65 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Rattle Master Pro Deer Call - Deer Call

    Its exclusive mixture of hardwoods and carbon rods realistically replicates the fighting, jostling, rack-bashing sounds of bucks in the fall.
    $12.27 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Weezzy Deer Call

    The Weezzy Snort Wheeze Call will reproduce an aggressive call given by a buck challenging the dominance of another buck. This call features a rubber mouth piece and acrylic barrel.
    $9.84 save 16%
  • Roost Em Tall Tine Grunt Call - Solid Walnut

    This call is made from solid walnut and sounds great. You can trigger their fighting instincts with the deep grunt form this call.
    $37.57 save 16%