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  • BPE Jerky Seasoning - Teriyaki

    Seasoning that has a tasty, mild flavor with just a hint of sweetness. Mix will season 10 lbs. of meat.
    $8.07 save 16%
  • BPE Jerky Shooter Kit

    Make your own jerky strips and sticks in just two hours with the Jerky Shooter. Everything you need is in the kit except the ground meat. Use whatever ground meat you want like deer, elk, buffalo or turkey.
    $35.77 save 16%
  • Cold Steel 1911 - Folding Knife

    Supplied with a classically checkered Griv Ex handle and ambidextrous stainless steel pocket clip.
    $31.27 save 16%
  • Cold Steel Air Lite Drop Point - Folding Knife

    The blades are made from Japanese 10A stainless steel famed for its edge holding ability, strength and toughness and the handles are laser cut from real G-10. Tri-Ad Lock for extra protection.
    $66.69 save 15%
  • Cold Steel Click N Cut - Folding Knife

    Exchanging a blade is easy. The handle has a lock bar release, similar to the release on a folding knife. When the lock bar is pressed the blade slides easily out. Keep the lock bar pressed and slide a new blade in and release the lock bar and the blade will “click” into place. The Click-N-Cut includes a belt sheath that will hold the knife with one of the blades installed and it has integral pockets for the two remaining extra blades. Extra replacement blades are available separately.
    $27.58 save 16%
  • Cold Steel Double Safe Hunter - Folding Knife

    Its wide, clip-point blade is 3.5” in length and is comprised of 8Cr13MoV steel, tempered to 57-58 Rockwell hardness. With a blade small enough for intricate cutting tasks, yet big enough to skin anything from a mouse to a moose. This knife has a camouflage glass-filled nylon (GFN) handle is thin and ergonomically pleasing and features a replaceable plastic pocket clip. Plastic pocket clips help to limit the snags and scratches to upholstery and other surfaces that steel clips have been known to cause. The rocker lock features a secondary safety mechanism, that when engaged is enormously resistant to shock and impact.
    $42.03 save 16%
  • Cold Steel Ranch Boss II - Folding Knife

    Designed from the ground up for usefulness, durability and effectiveness, it offers a long, sharp, clip point blade that’s flat ground out of high carbon steel. Honed razor sharp it folds up into an equally tough handle. Made with faux sawed bone handle scales, and reinforced with tough stainless steel bolsters. It comes with a stiff back spring (like a slip joint pocket knife) and a stainless steel liner lock, so your fingers will have extra protection. It’s paired with a thick brown leather belt sheath.
    $42.03 save 16%


  • Eastman Outdoors Krispy Fillet - Cajun - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Eastman Outdoors krispy fillet seasoned fish coating, blends premium herbs and spices to enrich the natural taste of your fillet. Created by professional wild game chefs, it's perfect for pan or deep frying your next catch.
    $3.78 save 16%
  • Evapo Rust Rust Block - 12 oz. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Rust-Block stops rust before it starts. It is a water-based inhibitor that works on all ferrous metals Protecting guns, tools, auto parts, garden gear and more. Simply spray it on, let it dry. If you want to remove it, simply rinse it off with warm water. Non-toxic, non-flammable product.
    $9.47 save 16%
  • Evapo Rust Rust Block - 16 oz. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Rust-Block stops rust before it starts. It is a water-based inhibitor that works on all ferrous metals Protecting guns, tools, auto parts, garden gear and more. Simply spray it on, let it dry. If you want to remove it, simply rinse it off with warm water. Non-toxic, non-flammable product.
    $6.26 save 15%
  • Fire and Flavor Cedar Grilling Plank - 11 in. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Fire and Flavors Cedar Grilling Planks add a beautiful presentation and robust, smoky flavor to any grilled meal. All-natural western red cedar Grilling Planks from British Columbia. Select cut for optimum flavor. Sustainably sourced. Food safe verified. Recipes and instructions included.
    $6.08 save 15%
  • Fire and Flavor Seasoning Rub Variety - Top Sellers 6 pc. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    This selection is on of the best selling rubs that will fill your spice cabinet. Whether you're preparing chicken, pork, beef, seafood or vegatables, this 6 spice variety pack has you covered.
    $24.15 save 16%
  • Fire and Flavor Wood Chips - Apple 2 lbs. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Made from 100 percent responsibly sourced and sustainably harvested hardwoods with no bark or fillers, these chips deliver easy to control, light smoky flavor. It's easy to add in a little or a lot to dial in the right smoke intensity for each recipe.
    $6.41 save 15%
  • Food Saver Wingman 2160 Plus Vacuum Sealer - Mossy Oak Break Up

    The Food Saver Wingman 2160 Plus Vacuum Sealer makes the most of your harvested fish and game, keeping it fresh up to 5X longer. With up to 60 consecutive seals, you can continually process up to 180 pounds of game. Authentic Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo Pattern adds rugged style to this GameSaver unit. Designed especially for the outdoors enthusiast, the Wingman Food Preservation System is ideal for sealing waterfowl, upland game, big game steaks and larger fish fillets for long term freezer storage of up to 3 years. Its extra wide sealing strip ensures the strongest seal possible with an air-tight seam. The Wingman Food Preservation System uses new technology to reduce bag waste for more efficient bag making. Package includes: 1 – 11” x 10’ Heat Seal Roll, 1 – 8” x 10’ Heat Seal Roll, 5 – Quart Bags Pre-cut Heat Seal bags, 5 – Gallon Pre-cut Heat Seal bags and 1- Accessory Hose.
    $186.19 save 16%
  • FoodSaver GameSaver Bag Rolls - 8 in. x 20 ft. 6 pk.

    Keep game and fish fresh up to 5x Longer with FoodSaver GameSaver 8” rolls. FoodSaver GameSaver rolls are made of heavy duty multi ply material and are proven to prevent freezer burn better than freezer bags. Bag rolls contain specially designed channels that block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal. Create custom sized bags, simply cut a piece to your desired length, seal one end, fill and then vacuum seal. For use with all FoodSaver GameSaver vacuum sealing systems. Each roll is 20’ in length.
    $71.06 save 15%
  • FoodSaver GameSaver Bags - Gallon 28 pk.

    Vacuum sealer bags made with a multi-ply material to prevent freezer burn. BPA free bags are simmer and microwave-sage. Pre-cut bags provide increased convenience.
    $26.30 save 16%
  • FoodSaver GameSaver Bags - Quart 44 pk.

    Vacuum sealer bags made with a multi-ply material to prevent freezer burn. BPA free bags are simmer and microwave-sage. Pre-cut bags provide increased convenience.
    $26.30 save 16%
  • Kitchendao Lock and Slide - 4 pc. Skewer Set - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    These skewers feature a slim flat design that keeps food in position while the skewer is turned. The heat resistant handle and slider protects hands from getting burnt. The moveable slider allows food to be removed from the skewer easily.
    $8.56 save 16%
  • Outdoor Edge Butcher Lite Kit - 8 Piece Set

    Eight piece butcher kit that includes a caping knife with a 3" long blade, gut hook skinner with a 4.25" long blade, boning with a 6" long blade, wood and bone saw with a 7.25" blade, rib cage spreader, tungsten carbide sharpener, game cleaning gloves and a roll pack belt scabbard.
    $64.80 save 7%
  • RADA Team Fitzgerald Cutlery Dessert Set - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Team Fitzgerald Dessert Set features an ice cream scoop, serrated pie server, mini server and a cooks spoon.
    $34.35 save 16%
  • RADA Team Fitzgerald Cutlery Standard Set - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Team Fitzgerald Standard Set features a tomato slicer, regular paring knife, cheese knife and a fillet knife with leather scabbard.
    $38.37 save 16%
  • Scent Crusher Ozone Game - Faucet

    Preserve, prepare, and store your precious hunting meat safely and effectively with the Game Clean Faucet from Scent Crusher. It safely kills dangerous Ecoli and other contaminants on your game, leaving you with fresh, delicious meat. The Game Clean increases your game's storage life for twice as long as a regular faucet. 100 percent chemical free. Easily installs in seconds on all faucets; no power plug, wiring, or batteries required.


  • Wyld Seasoning Bratwurst Mix - Herb and Tomato Bratwurst Mix

    When it comes to summertime freshness, not much beats the taste of newly picked, vine ripe tomato. If you pair it with basil, as is the case with many Italian dishes, you won't be disappointed. The two spices combined create a distinctive aroma. One jar makes 10 pounds of sausage.
    $10.55 save 16%
  • Wyld Seasoning Bratwurst Mix - Sweet Applewood Smoked Brat Mix

    Using the sweet, but masterful flavor of apple wood. Bring out the rich heritage of bratwurst sausage. One jar makes 10 pounds of sausage.
    $10.55 save 16%
  • Wyld Seasoning Display - with Bottle Assortment

    Display your favorite seasoning or rubs with this display stand.
    $338.30 save 15%
  • Wyld Seasoning Sausage Mix - Sweet Maple Bacon Summer Sausage

    The sweetness of maple syrup has bused as flavoring meats for hundreds of years and with the combination of bacon flavor, you have all the traditions needed to make you happy. One jar make 10 pounds of summer sausage or snack sticks.
    $11.40 save 16%
  • Wyld Seasoning Spices - Desert Dust

    Cooking over a live fire or in a cast iron, this low sugar product will crat a crust that would make any steak house proud. Us this on steak, chops, duck breast, and all dark meat.
    $10.32 save 16%
  • Wyld Seasoning Spices - Timberland Rub

    The Timberline Rub is the one spice that works on anything you harvest. Fat free & No MSG.
    $10.32 save 16%
  • Wyld Seasoning Spices - Wyld Addiction

    Just like being addicted to hunting, you will be addicted to this spice. The hardest thing you will face is finding something not to put it on.
    $10.32 save 16%