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Dead Ringer


  • Dead Ringer Blood Trail Bolt Package - 3 pk.

    Package includes three 100 grain Super Freak Extreme Crossbow broadheads, three 100 grain field tips and three 20" carbon bolts.
    $50.05 save 10%
  • Dead Ringer Just Nasty - 125 gr. 3 pk. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Designed for use with high kinetic energy crossbows. Offers field point accuracy with a slim 1” diameter in flight. 3.75” cutting diameter creates massive wound channels for quicker kills. Blade Thickness: .032”.
    $45.87 save 13%
  • Dead Ringer Super Freak Extreme 2 Blade Broadhead - 100 gr. 3 pk

    The Super Freak Extreme broadhead is a 2 blade expandable broadhead designed for higher kinetic energy bows and crossbows. Engineered to work flawlessly even on heavily angled shots. Cutting diameter: 2 3/4”.