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  • Muzzy FishHook Bowfishing Rest

    The unique design allows the line to lay in the groove under the arrow while providing a 3 sided capture making it almost impossible for your arrow to come off of your rest, but still allows quick and easy arrow loads.
    $20.64 save 15%
  • Muzzy Mantis II Bowfishing Rest

    The Muzzy Mantis II features an anodized aluminum frame, full containment, no-wear delrin arrow pad, laser etched marking for windage adjustments and a rotatable frame for elevation adjustments and alignment.
    $44.49 save 16%
  • Muzzy Reel Seat

    The Muzzy Reel Seat is constructed of machined aluminum and features multi position reel mounting locations and a picatinny rail for accessories. Shoot thru rod tip adaptable.
    $35.88 save 16%
  • Muzzy XD Bowfishing Reel - with 150# line

    The Muzzy XD Bowfishing reel is a spincast style reel featuring an elongated hood for better flow and smoother shooting. Comes with 150lb line installed.
    $74.65 save 15%


  • Muzzy XD Pro Bowfishing Reel

    Spincast bowfishing reel with a lever switch to engage the reel. Gives the bowfisherman a positive visual indicator of whether or not the reel is in free spool. Extended hood provides smoother line flow in increased effective shot distance. Includes a compact, lightweight stainless steel bracket that eliminates the need for a separate reel seat. Comes pre-spooled with 150 lb. braided spectra line.
    $94.23 save 15%