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Pete Rickard


  • Rickard Mesh Wood Frame Deluxe Sifter - 1/4in

    Wood frame dirt sifter has 1/4" mesh screen and features sturdy construction for long life and efficiency. Measures 7” x 9”.
    $9.16 save 16%
  • Rickards Logwood Trap Dye - Black Size: 8 oz.

    Helps prevent rust and overcomes trap odors. One package mixed with 6 gallons of water treats 3 dozen traps.
    $8.30 save 16%
  • Rickards Pete's Best Trap Wax - Size: 1 lb.

    A high quality blend of wax to seal the logwood treatment and give added protection. Not brittle in winter and it will stand heat during warm fall days. This wax does not contain either natural or refined beeswax which has a food odor.
    $6.57 save 15%
  • Rickards Swivels - 4 pk.

    A four pack of large and strong trap and stake swivels.
    $3.65 save 16%


  • Rickards Trappers Antifreeze Powder - Size: 14 oz.

    Helps prevent dirt hole sets from freezing up. Easy to use with convenient plastic bottles and unique dispensing cap.
    $5.09 save 16%
  • Rickards Zinc Trap Tags - 2 in. 25 pk.

    Zinc trap tags with wires.
    $6.44 save 15%