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Jackies Deer Lures


  • Jackies Acorn Cover Scent w/Sprayer - Size: 4 oz.

    An excellent scent cover where deer are feeding on acorns. A very strong acorn smell that helps to mask human odors. For the early season bow-hunters.
    $11.41 save 16%
  • Jackies Racoon Cover Scent w/Sprayer - Size: 2 oz.

    An excellent cover scent for the bow-hunter. Since coons are natural tree animals, this scent is great to use in treestands. 100 percent pure.
    $12.42 save 16%
  • Jackies Skunk Lure w/Sprayer - Size: 2 oz.

    This lure should be used as a cover scent to help mask human odor. Apply a few mists around the base of your tree stand or around your blind.
    $11.41 save 16%