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Heated Hunts


  • Heated Hunts Bear Scent - Irresistible 5x 8oz.

    Irresistible 5x is a five times concentrate with a double vanilla base including natural and synthetic vanillas with several strong tree secretion additives. Irresistible 5x is the ultimate Bear attractant that really peaks bear's curiosity.
    $13.54 save 4%
  • Heated Hunts Bear Scent - Smoke 5x 8oz.

    Smoke 5x is a five times concentrate of a strong aroma that mimics smoke and drippings from a barbeque grill. This is the next level of smoke attractants as it is stronger than standard smoke attractants and it has the additional additives to make the aroma smell like food that just came off of the grill.
    $13.54 save 4%
  • Heated Hunts Bear Scent - Xtreme Berry 5x 8oz.

    Xtreme Berry 5x is a five times concentrate of a strong sweet grape and raspberry aroma that pulls in bears from the distance as it peaks their curiosity. Use it to take bait sites to the next level or right inside the Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser to make the aroma even stronger and travel farther.
    $13.54 save 4%