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Cleaning Gloves and Game Bags

2 products

2 products

Hunters Specialties
Hunters Specialties
4 products

Pete Rickard
Pete Rickard
4 products

Trophy Taker
Trophy Taker
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  • Allen Big Game Quarter Bag - 12 x 48 in.

    The Economy Big Game Quarter Bags are 48" x 12" and made of lightweight, breathable material. The quarter bags will help keep your meat clean and protected from insects. Recommended for elk and caribou. Pack of 4 quarter bags.
    $13.47 save 16%
  • Allen Field Dressing Gloves - 12 pk.

    The Field Dressing Gloves set from Allen includes wrist length latex gloves and shoulder length gloves to protect your expensive hunting gear from stains and mess, as well as protecting you against infectious disease. The wrist length gloves are tight fitting for knife control when doing tedious and delicate work, like removing your favorite cuts of meat. The shoulder length gloves protect clothing from mess and stain while keeping you dry and clean.
    $9.33 save 16%
  • HME Game Cleaning Gloves - 1 pr.

    Shoulder length poly gloves with elastic band at the top to keep gloves in place.
    $2.42 save 16%
  • HME Game Washer - w/ Bucket

    The Wild Game Cleaner creates a cyclonic water motion that effectively cleans game by removing feathers, blood and debris. Features include an adjustable water flow valve, telescoping height adjusts to a variety of bucket sizes, sliding bucket clip and a detachable basket for easy insertion/removal of game.
    $45.73 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Field Dress Gloves - Combo Long/Short 12 pr.

    Heavy-duty gloves protect against mess, stains, and infectious disease. Includes (6) pairs of short latex gloves, and (6) pairs of shoulder length poly gloves.
    $7.71 save 15%


  • Hunters Specialties Field Dress Gloves - Short 1 pr.

    Heavy-duty gloves protect against mess, stains, and infectious disease. Includes (1) pair of short latex gloves, and (1) pair of shoulder length poly gloves.
    $1.79 save 16%
  • Hunters Specialties Game Bag - Full Size

    Field dressing bags keep your meat clean while packing it out of the woods. Woven bag is large enough to fit around a whole skinned deer. Dimensions: 40"x72".
    $6.83 save 15%
  • Hunters Specialties Nitrile - Field Dressing Gloves 10 pk.

    Wrist length Nitrile Gloves allow for clean and sanitary field dressing or butchering of animals, handling liquid scents and a variety of other messy activities. Nitrile provides superior strength and flexibility to guard against tearing and stretching. Wrist bands won't stretch out and always keep a perfect fit.
    $3.66 save 16%


  • Rickards Big Game Bag

    These poly/cotton blend deer bags protect your deer meat while aging. They allow the proper air circulation to help prevent spoilage and preserve flavor. These large size poly/cotton, tear resistant bags fully covers the deer carcass. Fine knit mesh keeps out flys and dirt.
    $4.18 save 15%
  • Rickards Big Game Hunters Success Pack - Field Dressing

    Big Game Hunter's Success Packs include gutting gloves, disposable latex gloves, heart and liver bag, towelettes and deer bag.
    $8.30 save 16%


  • Rickards Gutting Gloves - Combo Pack

    Combo pack includes one pair of shoulder length gutting gloves and one pair of short latex gloves.
    $2.90 save 16%
  • Rickards Shoulder Length - Gutting Gloves

    Long gutting gloves fit right over your hunting coat to stay clean and sanitary while field dressing game.
    $2.27 save 15%
  • Trophy Taker Aftermath Field Dressking Kit - 7 pc.

    Kit includes all essentials to field dress game. This seven piece kit comes with 1 pair each of both wrist length and shoulder length gloves, bag with closure for the heart and liver, and for easy clean up includes two biodegradable field wipes and rinse free scent prevent soap.
    $6.33 save 15%