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  • FirstCam Cable Lock

    The 1stCamPro Cable Lock is a simple way to lock your trail camera. Just wrap the cable around the tree and place the lock through the camera locking hole. 4.75ft cable length makes it extremely versatile with many tree sizes. The 1stCamPro Cable Lock is compatible with all 1stCamPro Trail Cameras along with all other brands of trail cameras which are equipped with a locking hole. The Cut-resistant braided steel, helps prevent theft and features a scratch-resistant, smooth finish.
    $12.48 save 16%


  • FirstCam Camera Bungee Cord

    1stCamPro Trail Camera Bungee Cord mounts your trail camera in just a few seconds. Just find the right tree for your trail camera and the elastic Bungee Cord wraps and secures around the tree in no time. 1stCamPro Bungee Cord is compatible with all 1stCamPro trail cameras and trail cameras which have a round locking hole on the backside of the camera. Flexible and elastic Bungee Cord covers wide range of tree thicknesses from 4?–13?.
    $12.48 save 16%