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Quaker Boy


  • Quaker Boy Easy Yelper Turkey Call

    Simple one hand push pin operation. Made of maple and walnut. Reproduces all turkey talk.
    $22.83 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Elevation Series - Odyssey Box Call - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Hand crafted of the finest hardwoods available. ToneBlast technology frees the sound from the interor of the box to reach a gobbler’s ears with clarity and definition. Treated with waterproof coating to handle any weather conditions.
    $41.39 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Elevation Series Trigger Finger Box Cal

    Crafted of fine Mahogany with Trigger Finger technology to offer control and ease of use. Call design eliminates any unwanted sounds while you move through the woods. Rounded sides for enhanced comfort.
    $36.51 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Grand Old Master Turkey Box Call

    A Dick Kirby origional design box call featuring a poplar bottom and American cherry top.
    $22.36 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy H20 Waterproof Easy Yelper Turkey Call

    Friction call with one handed operation. This waterproof call will function in the best of conditions or in heavy rain storms. Requires no chalking.
    $24.65 save 16%


  • Quaker Boy Magic Touch Glass Turkey Call

    Small design glass surface with Feather Lite plexi-striker. Provides versatility and realism in a wide range of turkey vocabulary. Includes abrasive cleaning pad.
    $18.51 save 15%
  • Quaker Boy The Slider Turkey Call

    The Slider is a very compact and silent carry call, with no external rods. This call features an ergo finger hole and produces a fantastic sound. With its one hand operation, this call is a must use, spring and fall. This little innovated pull call featuring slide rod technology will have you sounding like a pro and filling your freezer in no time.
    $27.39 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Triplet Turkey Slate Call

    Slate surface turkey call includes three matched strikers, waterproof carbon, wildwood ash and black acrylic and a slate and peg cleaning pad.
    $28.74 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Twin Tilt Turkey Call - Glass/Slate Pot Call

    The Twin Tilt offer versatility and unmatched realism. The high pitched ring produced on glass side, is complemented by the softer mellow slate side.
    $31.96 save 16%
  • Quaker Boy Wildwood Turkey Call Striker - 2 pk. Maple/Rosewood

    The Wildwood Striker Series of Maple & Tunable Rosewood will add more hens to your calling arsenal. The Wildwood Maple striker is a one piece light striker that works well on all striking surfaces. The tunable Rosewood striker is very versatile as it can be shortened or lengthened by simply twisting, pulling or pushing to get the desired length for your calling style. The Rosewood end of the striker has great grip on slate, glass, aluminum or ceramic striking surfaces.
    $18.51 save 15%


  • Quaker Boy Wildwood Turkey Call Striker - 2 pk. Padauk/Hickory

    The Wildwood Striker Series of Tunable Padauk & Tunable Flared Tip Hickory will add more hens to your calling arsenal. Both strikers can be shortened or lengthened by simply twisting, pulling or pushing until you reach your desired length that is best suited for your style of calling. These Strikers work well on all calling surfaces and will reproduce yelps, cuts, purrs, whines, cackles, clucks and putts of the wild turkey.
    $18.51 save 15%