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Misc. Calls

Beard Buster
Beard Buster
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Quaker Boy
Quaker Boy
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  • Beard Buster Ultimate Call Keeper - Camo

    The Ultimate Call Keeper features a pouch for slates and strikers, clear call keeper for mouth reeds, elastic box call pouch, locator call pocket, shell loops and a large pouch for headnets or gloves. A leg strap with a quick release buckle is also included. Fits on any belt or fanny pack.
    $23.33 save 16%
  • Flextone Makin' Bacon - Hog Call

    The Makin' Bacon effectively reproduces the distress calls of both young and old pigs with an expandable flex hose that provides variation in tone and inflection. It delivers impressive volume for locating hog packs at a distance, and also makes softer calls to trigger close-range encounters.
    $10.96 save 16%
  • Flextone Ol' Bushytail - Squirrel Call

    The Ol’ Bushytail is a four in one squirrel call that produces barks, whines, chatter and distress calls. Effective on fox and gray squirrels.
    $15.93 save 15%
  • Primos Chop Sooie - Hog Call

    The squeals of a wild hog sound very much like those of a domestic pig. Because of the wild hog’s strong pack instinct and its curious nature, they will often investigate the sounds of other hogs. The squeal of CHOP SOOIE reaches out to bring pigs in.
    $19.59 save 15%
  • Primos Hog Grunter

    Reproduces the grunting sounds of boars and sows. Features a flexible hose for variable tones.
    $12.10 save 16%
  • Primos Hog Squealer

    Produces excellent long-range distress squeals. Attracts both boars and sows.
    $12.10 save 16%
  • Primos Hoot Flute

    The Hoot Flute has three unique tuning holes for eight different tones and frequencies. Produces distinct pitches of the barred owl’s and great horned owl’s hoots. Durable and easy to carry.
    $9.56 save 16%
  • Primos Mouse Squeeze

    The Mouse Squeeze is so simple to operate that anyone can use it on their first try. Because you never blow on it, there’s no moisture to freeze it up. It is very effective when predators are at a close range and need a little more coaxing to close the deal.
    $9.56 save 16%
  • Primos Pig Stick - Hog Call

    The PIG STICK pig call can be blown very hard to attract pigs from a long way off, or subtly to bring them in those last few yards.
    $19.59 save 15%
  • Primos Piggy Back - True Double

    The True Double is part of our Piggy Back series meaning it has a stacked double frame with one thin prophylactic reed in each frame, separated by 1/16”, which doesn’t allow the reeds to stick together. A very easy call to use, it produces turkey talk with a true turkey rasp and tone. It makes raspy yelps, clucks, cuts, and cackles.
    $9.73 save 16%
  • Primos Squirrel Buster Delux - Squirrel Call

    From the distress squeal of a young squirrel to the chatter of fox and grey squirrel, this call does it all.
    $15.62 save 15%
  • Quaker Boy Improved Scolder - Squirrel Call

    Create squirrel barks and chatter. Push the top of the call and the scolding starts.
    $12.18 save 16%
  • WoodHaven The Real Crow

    The Real Crow, with its hand turned birch barrel, tuned with proper reed and mouth pieces, it produces the most realistic crow sound of any call of its type.
    $55.71 save 15%