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Last Chance Archery


  • Last Chance Double Bright Light

    The Last Chance Double Bright Light is designed to be used when building arrows. It can be attached to a fletching jig or the edge of the table with the included clamp.
    $38.94 save 19%


  • Last Chance Draw Stop Finger

    Draw stop fingers allow bows with limb stops to be pressed without removing the draw stop pegs. Sold individually.
    $31.05 save 19%
  • Last Chance Finger Caps

    Fully interchangeable with any Last Chance Press. Install by cutting the current pieces off of your fingers and then slide these new custom molded caps into place.
    $19.80 save 20%
  • Last Chance Limb Adapters

    Designed to assist in pressing beyond parallel limb bows. Adapters clip directly to the bow's limb tips. For use on split limb bows only.
    $151.61 save 18%


  • Last Chance Mag Bright5X Magnifier

    The Last Chance Mag Bright 5x Magnifier is designed to attach to a table, bow press, or any other surface. It will brighten and magnify your work area.
    $53.04 save 19%
  • Last Chance Mag Strip

    The Mag Strip is a great organizational addition to bow presses and workbenches holding tools and accessories in place. The large magnetic surface attaches to any metal surface.
    $31.05 save 19%


  • Last Chance Mini Xbow Adapter

    The Mini Xbow Adapter is specifically made for pressing crossbows that are under 12� axle to axle. With this easy to use adapter you can press crossbows down to 5� axle to axle. This adapter will only fit the LCA Ultimate EZ, Ultimate EZ Deluxe and EZ Green Xbow Presses.
    $138.02 save 18%
  • Last Chance Quick Clip

    The Last Chance Quick Clip is designed to hold the ends of strings and cables while you tuning your bow to keep them from unwinding. The unit can be mounted to your bow press using the magnet or universal clamp.
    $35.47 save 19%
  • Last Chance Ultra Lock Adapter

    Adapter made for the 2016 Hoyt, UltraFlex Limb System. Fully adaptable to any Last Chance bow presses to safely work on 2016 Hoyt bows.
    $273.89 save 19%
  • Last Chance Wheel Kit Floor Stand

    Use the wheel kit to put your press on wheels and have the ability to move it anywhere in your shop with ease. This kit includes 4 wheel attachments and 4 thumb screws to lock each one into place inside your stand. Fits all Last Chance floor stands.
    $81.00 save 19%