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Deer Drags, Game Carts & Game Bird Carriers

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Hawk Treestands
Hawk Treestands
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Hunters Specialties
Hunters Specialties
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Muddy Outdoors
Muddy Outdoors
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Pete Rickard
Pete Rickard
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Rhino Blind
Rhino Blind
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  • Allen Dual Harness Deer Drag

    Use your entire upper body to relieve body fatigue when dragging. Constructed of 2� heavy duty web. Fits over shoulders and includes drag rope and tow rope that attaches to steel D-ring for easy dragging.
    $14.45 save 22%
  • Allen Meat Wagon Game Cart

    The Meat Wagon Game Cart is an easy way to haul your largest of harvests with ease. With a solid aluminum frame that will hold up season after season and heavy duty anti-puncture wheels, all you need to do is unfold it, load it up, and head back to the truck. The wide handle is comfortable to tow, and the design allows you to angle the cart so it’s easy to pull, no matter your height. Includes tie-down straps to secure your game. Folds flat for storage.
    $190.47 save 18%
  • Hawk Cinch Deer Drag

    The Cinch Deer Drag is quick, simple and effectively reduces a majority of ground friction. Reduces the pull weight up to 40 percent by raising the head, neck and shoulder area of a deer up off the ground simply by pulling with your arms extended straight behind you.
    $15.12 save 20%
  • Hunters Specialties Deer Drag Deluxe

    Durable, safety orange body harness with shoulder straps and waist belt. Includes rope.
    $10.46 save 24%
  • Muddy Standard Deer Drag

    Lightweight and easy to use drag with single strap to be worn across the chest.
    $6.78 save 23%
  • Muddy The Mule Game Cart

    The Mule game cart features a balanced design constructed of steel, rubber-coated handle for comfort and hardened rubber wheels for easy use in the field. Folds flats for transportation. Weight Rating: 300 lbs.
    $195.97 save 18%
  • Rhino Deer Drag

    Easy and Durable, Perfect Size White Tail Deer Drag. Made in the USA. Lifetime Guarantee. Lightweight and Compact. Fits most size whitetail deer, both doe and buck.
    $13.75 save 22%


  • Rickards Deer Drag Double Shoulder

    $11.02 save 24%
  • Rivers Edge Game Cart

    The Rivers Edge Game Cart features a unique tri-fold design that allows the cart to fold down for easy transport and storage. Made with steel wheels with solid rubber tires that won't go flat. The Rivers Edge Game Cart was designed with excellent weight distribution and a 300 lb. hauling capacity.
    $159.46 save 18%