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Evolved Habitats


  • Evolved 5 Card Draw Seed 10 lb.

    Grow lush, nutrient-rich forage through every season with 5 Card Draw™. Hot on the success of our popular 7 Card Stud® blend, Evolved is pleased to bring a five-seed forage variety that works wonders for any planting schedule: spring, summer and even fall. 5 Card Draw™ combines the growing powers of oats, wheat, white clover, turnip and chicory for a food plot that’s as diverse as it is palatable. The forage variety annual/perennial blend is designed to be eaten, grow back, then be eaten again. With a deer favorite always growing, you’ll quickly build regular hoof traffic and a stronger overall herd.
    $29.99 save 15%


  • Evolved Black Magic Attractant 4.5 lb.

    Formulation of Deer Cane with added minerals and flavor attractants. Requires no mixing before use. Simply place on bare ground to attract deer. Contains calcium, phosphorus, and sodium.
    $14.00 save 18%


  • Evolved Black Magic Liquid Attractant 1 gal.

    Premium formulation of Deer Cane with more mineral and flavor attractants. Rich in calcium, phosphorus, and sodium to contribute to a healthy deer herd.
    $13.33 save 22%


  • Evolved Camo Corn Attractant 5 lb.

    Most hunters agree deer love corn. The problem is using corn as an attractant can be inconvenient and heavy to haul into your hunting location. It often leaves a yellow brick road behind that could lead hunters right to your favorite hunting spot. Dirt Bag™ Camo Corn™ is the solution! Real shelled corn is pulverized into a fine powder that's blended and colored into an ultra-concentrated super corn mixture. Not only does it add vital nutrients to deer's diets, it also camouflages to make sure no one finds that trophy buck but you. Looks like dirt – attracts like crazy!
    $16.26 save 16%
  • Evolved Deer Cane Attractant Apple 5 lb.

    Mineral supplement that attracts deer by releasing mineral vapors. Brings in bucks seeking minerals for overall health and antler growth. Features added apple flavoring and UV enhancement.
    $14.00 save 18%
  • Evolved Deer Co-Cain Mix Attractant 6.5 lb.

    Mineral supplement that attracts deer by releasing mineral vapors. Brings in bucks seeking minerals for overall health and antler growth.
    $14.28 save 18%
  • Evolved Dirt Bag Attractant 5 lb.

    Made with a color and texture that resembles dirt with added UV enhancement and molasses aroma. Dirt Bag attractant appeals to deer's eyes and nose.
    $17.88 save 16%


  • Evolved Mudhole Liquid Attractant 40 oz.

    The strong molasses scent will draw them in, and the mineral rich content will keep them coming back for more. Mud Holeâ„¢ builds heavy hoof traffic to your favorite hunting spot and enhances deer diets with nutrients to improve overall herd health. Application is easy with a flip top cap that squirts the liquid mineral exactly where you want it. Mud Hole begins working immediately, with a sweet molasses aroma that stays strong even across long distances.
    $11.75 save 18%


  • Evolved Stump Likker Liquid Attractant 1 gal.

    Combination of minerals and molasses can be poured over stumps and logs to create a nutrient packed mineral site that deer can't resist.
    $16.26 save 20%