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  • Hoppes No. 9 Utility Brush Phosphor Bronze

    Use Hoppe’s Utility Brushes to clean everything from large bores, to small, hard-to-reach spaces. Each brush has two bristled ends.
    $2.86 save 19%
  • Hoppes No. 9 Wax Treated Gun Cloth

    Hoppe’s Wax Treated Gun Cloth can be used to create a polished, professional finish on wooden gun stocks. Use this cloth to clean and polish in one application. Can be used on gun barrels, hardware and most metals.
    $3.74 save 19%


  • Hoppes Silicone Gun Cloth

    Hoppe’s Silicone Cloth is pre-treated with a silicone lubricant that polishes, cleans, and coats surfaces with a protective finish. The cloth is flannel, preventing scratches while removing fingerprints and corrosive oils. Comes in a resealable bag.
    $3.82 save 19%