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  • Otis 8 in 1 Pistol T Tool

    Essential for Glock owners, this 8-in-1 tool from Otis handles a variety of maintenance needs for your pistol in a convenient size that easily fits in a pocket, range bag or pistol case. The base handle has four distinct purposes – 1/4� bit driver, 8-32 threaded insert to accommodate additional components, Memory-Flex cable slot for use as a T-handle, and punch hammer for resetting pins. The tool includes four bits that seat in the magnetized bit driver. The pin punch has additional length to fully push takedown pins through the frame. The front sight adjustment tool is magnetized for easy installation of the screw without losing the nut. The tool also comes with one 5/32� flat head and one #0 Philips bit.
    $20.12 save 16%


  • Otis Armorer Pistol Tool

    The Armorer’s Pistol Tool offers four tools in one to service and maintain semi-automatic pistols such as Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, FNH, and H&K. Unscrew the nylon end brush to reveal a storage area for additional tools. The 3/32� pin punch knocks out pins with ease for convenient disassembly. Install, adjust or remove aftermarket front sight with the 3/16 nut driver. The brass scraper allows removal of the trigger connector while also scraping carbon. A nylon end brush allows safe cleaning of debris without damaging finish. The main body of the tool is textured for increased grip while working.
    $20.54 save 16%
  • Otis B.O.N.E Tool 5.56mm

    The B.O.N.E. Tool is specifically designed to clean carbon and fouling from the bolt carrier of MSR/AR-style rifles. This tool scrapes fouling from the bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin. Includes an 8-32 threaded hole to act as a T-handle.
    $30.93 save 15%
  • Otis Star Chamber Cleaning Pads 5.56mm 12 pk.

    Pack of 12 replacement cleanings pads for the 5.56mm Star Chamber Cleaning Tool.
    $7.30 save 19%
  • Otis Star Chamber Cleaning Tool 5.56mm AR-15 Platform

    The Star Chamber Cleaning Tool effectively cleans the star chamber of MSR/AR-style firearms in just a few twists. It features a parkerized steel scraper to remove fouling build0up and felt cleaning pads to pick up the fouling loosened by the scraper. The coated brass noise piece centers the tool in the chamber, while ensuring protection from scratches or damages to your firearm. The 8-32 threads allow attachment of a chamber brush or other scraper components for added cleaning.
    $30.75 save 15%