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Tight Spot


  • TightSpot Conversion Bracket - Black Adjustable Sight Bracket

    The redesign is now 40% lighter and has an extra 15 degrees of rotation that provides better clearance on different bow set ups.
    $23.23 save 16%
  • TightSpot Gripper - Black 5 Arrow Second Rubber Gripper

    The Secondary Gripper works with any of the Tight Spot 5-arrow quivers. Allows users to securely keep arrows in the quiver without touching the broadheads in the hood. This ensure that blades stay sharp for when they are needed. The oval holes allow for self-centering of the arrows in the gripper and for fitting any size hunting shafts, including micro diameter.
    $22.29 save 15%
  • TightSpot Mount Bracket - Black XL Mount Bracket

    The XL Mounting Bracket is extra-long and has more adjustments than before. It helps with clearance on a bow where the rest sits farther back on the bow, causing the rest to hit the quiver. The XL is 1/2" larger than the standard mounting bracket to help ensure better clearance.
    $22.29 save 15%