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  • Woodhaven The Closer Deer Call Doe Bleat

    The Woodhaven Closer bleat call is designed to be compact in size for ease of use while hunting and easy to use. This call can produce realistic distress bleats and bawls of a young deer that during the early season, can trigger the maternal instinct of does. When a mature doe hears this sound, she will immediately investigate for a closer look. The Closer bleat also produces a realistic doe estrous bleat that are effective at calling in mature bucks during the rut. This call is designed to allow a both extremely soft and very loud blow when operating.
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  • Woodhaven The Intimidator Deer Call Grunt Snort and Wheeze

    The Woodhaven Intimidator is designed to be easy to use and requires little air to operate. The Intimidator can produce a wide range of grunts, varying from whisper soft to extremely loud. The grunt call comes with the Inflexor tube to allow easier and dynamic sound control. The integrated snort wheeze can create the range of buck vocalizations
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  • Woodhaven The Woodsman Deer Call Grunt Call

    The Woodhaven Woodsman buck grunt call is designed to be compact in size for extra ease of use in the stand and features a unique wood barrel design to produce a realistic tone. The Woodsman is easy to use and requires very little air to operate as it produces a nasally grunt that can be replicated both soft and extremely loud.
    $25.02 save 15%