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Birchwood Casey


  • Birchwood Casey Angled Cleaning Brushes Bronze/Nylon/Stainless 3 pk.

    Angled Cleaning Brushes is a three-piece pack containing one each stainless, bronze and nylon durable, angled brushes for deep cleaning. The stainless is for use on hard metals, bronze is an all purpose brush and the nylon is for use on delicate areas.
    $6.38 save 19%
  • Birchwood Casey Cleaning Cloth Silicone

    The Birchwood Casey Cleaning Cloth protects wood, metal, and plastic surfaces with a lustrous film that lasts. Made of 100% cotton and double napped, the Birchwood Casey Gun & Reel Cleaning Cloth is impregnated with pure silicone and packaged in a resealable poly bag, which keeps it moist even after continued uses. Use this cleaning kit on your favorite firearms, sporting equipment and instruments to avoid fingerprints and damaging residue.
    $5.10 save 19%
  • Birchwood Casey RIG Grease Rag Sheepskin Applicator

    The RIG Grease Applicator is a durable, reusable sheepsking wipe that applies a thin, uniform coating of grease.
    $14.48 save 18%