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Birchwood Casey


  • Birchwood Casey Ace of Diamonds Target Centerfire Spinning

    The World of Targets Ace of Diamonds Spinner Target has a 1/2" thick AR500 steel construction offering an 8" resetting spinner target and is rated for centerfire handguns and non-magnum rifles up to 300 fps at 100 yards.
    $85.98 save 15%
  • Birchwood Casey Boomslang Gong Target Centerfire 9.5 in.

    The World of Targets Boomslang Gong Target is a 9.5" diameter gong made from 1/2" thick AR500 steel construction offering tons of down-range fun. Hanging hardware and stand included
    $158.26 save 14%
  • Birchwood Casey Double Mag Spinner Target Up to .44 Mag

    The Birchwood Casey Mag Spinner Targets Double can be used with soft nose bullets up to .44 Magnum. The Double Mag targets by Birchwood Casey are popular, two-disc spinning targets for the big bore pistol shooters. Use this Birchwood Casey Target for its challenging 3" circle and easier 4 1/4" circle. The Mag Double Spinner Target by Birchwood Casey can be used as an answer for an easier-to-hit target or from long range. This Target comes equipped with circles are 50% larger.
    $35.12 save 15%


  • Birchwood Casey Dueling Tree Post Target .22 Rimfire

    The World of Targets Rimfire Dueling Tree Target is rated for .22 rimfire rifles and .22 rimfire hanguns offering a solid, one-piece, 38" steel post with four, 3.5" target paddles.
    $75.25 save 15%


  • Birchwood Casey Dueling Tree Stand Target .22 Rimfire

    The World of Targets Rimfire Dueling Tree Target is a .22 rimfire target including four, 3.5" diameter paddles and a molded carry case.
    $201.03 save 14%
  • Birchwood Casey Gallery Resetting Target .22 Rimfire

    The Birchwood Casey Gallery Resetting Targets allows you to simply hit all four hanging targets and shoot at the resetting target in order to have all four targets drop back down. This Birchwood Casey Target has a fast-set-up and easy storage, making the Gallery Resetting Target by Birchwood Casey one of the most travel-friendly Targets on the market. Both solid steel targets on the Resetting Gallery Target for .22 Rimfire / Handguns by Birchwood Casey feature twist designed paddles with no weld.
    $40.69 save 18%
  • Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Combo Target 8 in. Plate/12-6 in. Shoot-N-C

    The Ground Strike Hanging Plate target is rated for .22 rimfires and up featuring resealing bullet holes and includes twelve, 6" Shoot-n-C targets.
    $28.25 save 15%
  • Birchwood Casey Portable Target Stand 18x18 in. Shooting Range & Target Kit

    The Portable Shooting Range Target Kit includes a heavy-duty steel frame, an 18�x18� backerboard and targets (12� Bullseye, 12� Sight-In, 8� Bullseye, 5.5� Bullseye, 3� Bullseye, 2� Bullseye and 1� pasters.
    $16.05 save 16%


  • Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Spinner Target .22 Rimfire

    The Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Spinner Target is designed for .22 rimfire and airguns. These counter-balanced Birchwood Casey Targets are always ready, and in position for next shot. Birchwood Casey lets you choose between the challenging 2 1/4 inch and easier 3 5/8 inch circle for long-range shooting, top or bottom. The Sharpshooter Spinner Target by Birchwood Casey has a welded steel frame, making it one of the most durable Targets available. Paint on the Sharpshooter Target by Birchwood Casey will not chip or flake off and can be used with soft nosed bullets.
    $21.51 save 16%


  • Birchwood Casey Spoiler Alert Target .22 Rimfire w/ 6 in. Paddle

    The World of Targets Spoiler Alert is a super-loud AR400 Steel target with a 6" diameter target face and a 14.5" height designed for .22 rimfire rifles and .22 hanguns.
    $75.64 save 15%
  • Birchwood Casey Super Double Mag Target .44 Action Spinner

    The World of Targets Super Double Mag Spinner Target offers a 4.5" small paddle and 6" larger paddle with a spinner desigh that is rated for calibers up to .44 magnum. This target is not designed for rimfire use.
    $43.60 save 18%
  • Birchwood Casey Target Spots Assortment 10 Sheet

    Target Spots are high contrast target offering sharper sight picture with clear bullet holes.
    $4.91 save 19%