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  • Allen Baktrak Rifle Sling - Realtree Edge

    The Baktrak Rifle Sling is ultra-durable and light weight with a signature Baktrak rubber grip panel. The Sling offers quick adjust with a metal slide buckle. The swivels are tested to 500lbs.
    $35.22 save 16%
  • Allen Bighorn Rubber Sling - Black w/ Swivels

    The Bighorn Rubber Sling features a lightweight charcoal rubber pad with tacky backing that sticks to your shoulder, and the rubber composition is impervious to weather.  The sling material is heavy-duty webbing, and the swivels are tested to 300 pounds.
    $29.86 save 16%
  • Allen Cascade Sling - Black w/ Swivels

    This neoprene gun sling features a rugged spandex binding that lasts over time with swivels tested to 300 pounds so this neoprene gun sling is a versatile sling from small to larger firearms.
    $26.37 save 16%
  • Allen Denali Cartridge Sling - Realtree AP w/ Swivels

    The sling features five cartridge loops for your ammo. This sling also features a slip proof Sharkskin back and has the cushioning effect of neoprene. Swivels tested to 300 pounds.
    $25.06 save 16%
  • Allen Glenwood Lightweight Sling - Mossy Oak w/ Swivels

    The design features lightweight foam padding that gives great support with minimal weight.  To prevent slipping off the shoulder, the surface against the body is textured, providing grip against the shoulder.  The sling is fitted with Allen Magnum swivels.  Dimensions: Pad is 15? long, and the overall sling adjusts up to 38? when fully extended.
    $23.81 save 16%


  • Allen Gunnison Sling - Realtree AP Green w/ Swivels

    This is a fully adjustable sling with a non-slip neoprene shoulder pad. This sling also features heavy-duty 1? webbing and swivels tested to 300 pounds.
    $20.20 save 15%
  • Allen Heritage Sling - Leather

    The Heritage Gun Sling by Allen features the highly functional Baktrak shoulder pad with a traditional canvas face and leather trim. This sling includes heavy-duty webbing and swivels.
    $36.46 save 16%
  • Allen High Country Ultralite Sling - Mossy Oak w/ Swivels

    Made from low density molded foam with a special horizontal segmentation to allow the sling to form to the shoulder. Includes swivels.
    $21.71 save 15%
  • Allen QD Swivels - 1.25 in.

    The QD Swivels offer two 1.25” mounting loops with the push button design that makes the removal or change of slings fast and simple.
    $14.53 save 16%


  • Allen Rail Mount Swivel Stud - Picatinny

    The Rail Mount Swivel Stud is made from a durable and lightweight aluminum. The Rail Mount system allows you add a sling to any picatinny rail style rifle that does not have hardware installed. Includes the necessary hardware to install swivels onto picatinny and weaver rails.
    $10.73 save 16%
  • Allen Ruger 10/22 Sling - Black/Red w/ Swivels

    The Ruger 10/22 Rifle Sling has adjustable buckle slides that fit most rifles. With heavy-duty 1.25? web construction it will take what the elements can throw at it.  This rifle sling also features swivels that have been tested to 300 pounds.
    $25.12 save 16%
  • Allen Standard Padded Sling - Tan

    The Standard Padded Sling is light weight with Endura covered foam padding and 1” webbing connection straps. The swivels are tested to 500lbs.
    $13.45 save 16%
  • Baktrak Woodmoor Sling - Infinity Camo w/ Swivels

    The BAKTRAK Woodmoor gun Sling features BAKTRAK technology, which is designed to reduce sling related noise with its Extreme Grip rubber tread grip back. This gun sling is equipped with 1.25” heavy duty webbing and a thumb loop.  This gun sling can be adjusted with one hand and has swivels tested to 300 pounds.
    $34.55 save 16%