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  • Allen Gun Center Tool Box - Cleaning Kit

    The Krome Gun Center Tool Box Cleaning Kit features two 3-piece cleaning rods, four brass slotted tips (.22 .270 .30 Shotgun) and polymer muzzle guards for each caliber. This 66 piece kit also includes bronze bore bushes, cotton swab brushes, and brass jags. The removable storage trays offer great organization for the included brass adapters, pick and brush set, cleaning swabs and patches.
    $105.11 save 15%
  • Allen Gun Cleaning Tool - Combo

    The Krome gun cleaning tool combination offers an easily replaceable head to convert 1 tool into 3 useful tools. Includes a deep cleaning wire brush, fouling removal pick, and internal chamber pick. Push button format makes switching tools easy.
    $9.22 save 16%
  • Allen Ruger Cleaning Kit - Compact Handgun

    The Ruger Compact Handgun Cleaning Kit is a high quality 15 piece handgun cleaning kit that comes in a compact and sturdy tool box with a clear lid that latches securely, all designed to keep you organized. The handgun cleaning kit includes the following: 5 bronze brushes and 5 cotton swabs for .38 Special-.357-9mm, .40 caliber and .45 caliber, Slotted tips for .22 caliber and up as well as .30 caliber and up, Heavy-duty brass cleaning rod and handle, Removable organization tray with space underneath to fit small cleaning accessories, like cotton patches, Tool box with clear lid and solid latches that will stay secure after many uses
    $28.75 save 16%
  • Allen Ruger Cleaning Kit - Rifle/Handgun

    This Ruger Rifle/Handgun Cleaning kit is packed in a molded toolbox and includes cleaning jags for .45, .40, .357/9mm, .30, .284/7mm, .270, .25, .243, and .22 caliber; bronze bore brushes for .45, .40, .357/9mm, .30, .270, .25, .243, and .22 caliber; heavy-duty brass cleaning rod; brass slotted tips for .22 and .30 caliber; brass adapter; 2? , 1.25?, and .875? cotton cleaning patches; and a muzzle guard.
    $40.53 save 16%
  • Allen Ruger Cleaning Kit - Rifle/Shotgun

    Ruger rifle/shotgun cleaning kit is a high-quality kit packed in a molded toolbox. Kit includes a premium 4-piece brass cleaning rod, shotgun brushes for 12 and 20 gauge, shotgun swabs for 12 and 20 gauge, 20 cotton cleaning patches, brushes for .22, .243, .270, and .30 caliber, brushes for .357/9mm caliber, and slotted tips for .22, rifle, and shotgun caliber.
    $40.53 save 16%
  • Allen Ulimate Gun Cleaning Kit

    The Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit (65 Pieces) is a professional grade cleaning kit that uses high grade components, stored in a tool box specifically built for gun cleaning.  Each cleaning tool has its own fitted compartment that is named with the items name or size.  This kit is designed for the traditional shooter, and it has components for 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 bore shotguns, as well as standard rifle and pistol calibers.  The tool box has ample space for cleaning chemicals, extra patches, cleaning cloths, and extra jags or brushes.  Kit includes the following: Bronze shotgun bore brushes: 12 & 20 gauge and .410 bore, all 5/16-27 threads, Bronze rifle/pistol brushes: .54, .50, .44/.45, .40, .375, .35, .338, .30, .270, .243, and .22 caliber , & .17, Brass jags for rifle/pistol: .50, .45, .44, .375, .35, .338, .30, .270, .25, .243/6mm, and .22 caliber, & .17, Cotton swabs for shotgun: 12 & 20 gauge, and .410 bore, all 5/16-27 thread, Cotton swabs for rifle/pistol: .357/9mm, .30, and .270 caliber, all 8-32 thread, Brass slotted tips: shotgun  and rifle/pistol in .40, .30, and .22 caliber, Brass adapters: shotgun, rifle/pistol, and .20 caliber and less, Muzzle guards for 4mm and 6mm brass cleaning rods, Brass cleaning rods (3-piece rods): 4mm and 6mm, Nylon pick, nylon cleaning brush, and brass cleaning brush, Cotton patches: 1? x 3? and 1.5? x 3?
    $85.55 save 15%