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Tetra Gun


  • Tetra Gun Action Blaster Synthetic Safe 10 oz.

    Action Blaster liquefies and elimates carbon fowling and old lubricant buildup without dissambling your firearm. Just spray into the action or bore for quick, easy results.
    $11.97 save 24%
  • Tetra Gun Carbon Cleaner Aerosol Foam 7 oz.

    Innovative carbon cleaning for modern sporting firearms and black powder.
    $11.97 save 24%
  • Tetra Gun Carbon Cleaner Wash 4 oz.

    Innovative carbon cleaning for modern sporting firearms and black powder.
    $7.97 save 23%
  • Tetra Gun Copper Solvent 4 oz.

    Quickly removes all contaminates from firearm barrels
    $7.70 save 23%
  • Tetra Gun Grease 1 oz.

    Protect metal-to-metal surfaces with this heavy-duty, fluoropolymer white grease.
    $8.96 save 24%
  • Tetra Gun Lubricant 4 oz.

    Fluoropolymer penetrating lubricant and bore cleaner
    $9.97 save 24%
  • Tetra Gun Lubricating Wipes

    Lubricating wipes are a quick way to immediately clean and apply rust prevention after a shoot with an easy-to-use, convenient pack.
    $7.97 save 23%
  • Tetra Gun Spray II CLP Spray 10 oz.

    Triple-action, all-in-one, cleaner, lubricant and protectant cleans and degreases then evaporates Leaving a light lubricant layer and rust inhibitor with a pleasant aroma.
    $11.97 save 24%
  • Tetra Gun Triple Action CLP 2 oz.

    Triple Action CLP is an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and protectant that removes residue while cleaning and prevents rust during storage.
    $4.98 save 23%
  • Tetra Gun Wood Stock Oil 2 oz.

    Tetra Gun wood stock oil penetrates quickly, enhances wood grain’s natural luster, protects against water damage, and is a non-wax formula.
    $8.30 save 24%