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Rocky Mountain


  • Rocky Mountain All-Star 2.0 Diaphragm Call

    This call was designed by World Champion callers, Rockie and Corey Jacobsen. It was designed to be very versatile. It makes a nice variety of cow/calf talk as well as a great array of bugles.
    $9.38 save 16%
  • Rocky Mountain Atomic-13 Heart Breaker Cow Call

    Open reed Steve Chappell signature series call offers a wide reed and sound board and a lip positioning reed housed in a machined aluminum barrel reproducing all cow/calf mews, nasally estrus sounds and screams.
    $34.93 save 16%
  • Rocky Mountain Bull Basher Bugle

    Hybrid bugle tube produced using aluminum mouthpiece and molded barrel. The aluminum mouthpiece and throat creates high screaming pitches and more dynamic sounds. It has a new helical “splitter” inserted into the mouth opening to help stabilize air flow, easier octave changes and volume control. The throat design gives optimal back pressure.
    $64.80 save 15%


  • Rocky Mountain Bully Bull Extreme Bugle - Sitka Subalpine

    The Billy Bulle Extreme Grunt tube is designed to be used with a diaphragm call and designed to Create even back pressure airflow and better sound quality. Camo cover and lanyard included.
    $47.14 save 16%
  • Rocky Mountain Champ 2.0 Diaphragm Call

    This call makes small to medium cow, calf and bull sounds. Also creates a more nasally cow sound and a higher pitched screaming bugle.
    $9.38 save 16%
  • Rocky Mountain Contender 2.0 Diaphragm Call

    A call designed to give the caller the option of bugling very aggressively or very passively. It also cow calls very well.
    $9.38 save 16%
  • Rocky Mountain Elk 101 Diaphragm Call - 3 pk.

    Multi pack is the perfect choice for those who prefer the Elk101 diaphragms. The All-Star, Contender and the Champ all in one package.
    $20.95 save 15%
  • Rocky Mountain Golden Tone Plate Diaphragm Calls - 3 pk.

    This three pack of elk calls includes Black Magic, Reaper and Spellbound mouth calls. Black Magic immitates a frustrated bull, cow mews and chirps, the Reaper makes very aggressive bugles from a challenging bulls and estrus whines of a cow in heat and Spellbound challenges bulls creating realistic display bugles.
    $20.95 save 15%
  • Rocky Mountain Lil' Flirt Elk Call

    This ultra-compact open reed call creates incredibly realistic cow/calf mews and chirps and is east to use for all skill levels. The volume and tone are perfect for medium to short distance calling setups.
    $12.49 save 16%


  • Rocky Mountain Little Big Mouth Bugle

    Weighing in at only weighs 9 ounces the compact size makes it extremely easy to pack in the mountains. The all aluminum tube creates high screaming bugles with crisp clear notes and creates more volume than most full size bugle tubes. The Little Big Mouth utilizes the V.E.T.T. system mouthpiece for a 1 1/2” mouth opening and a narrow throat requires less air and creates optimal back pressure. The tube is covered by a water-resistant padded cover to eliminate unwanted sound while walking, and to keep your hands off of cold aluminum on those crisp fall mornings and evenings.
    $44.50 save 16%


  • Rocky Mountain Mellow Momma Diaphgragm Call

    The Mellow Yellow Momma Palate Plate Call is great for novices as it is designed to be placed forward in your mouth, right behind your teeth preventing gagging and reproduces soft and mellow cow sounds with two small slits in the latex.
    $9.50 save 16%


  • Rocky Mountain Mini Master 2.0 Diaphragm Call

    Works great for anyone, but especially well for women and kids. It will produce bugles of a youngerbull as well as nice cow mews.
    $9.38 save 16%
  • Rocky Mountain On Fire Cow Call

    This medium sized acrylic cow call has a smaller sound board and barrel. The narrow V-notched reed creates soft nasal mews, chirps and great estrus whines.
    $24.84 save 16%


  • Rocky Mountain Rock Star 2.0 Diaphragm Call

    This call will make the bugles of a satellite or herd bull. It can cow call with that nasal sound as well.
    $9.38 save 16%
  • Rocky Mountain Seducer Cow Call

    The Seducer combines an acrylic barrel, two-hole soundboard and a reed to reproduces soft mews, chirps and estrus sounds of a cow elk.
    $34.93 save 16%
  • Rocky Mountain Wapiti Whacker Bugle - Sitka Subalpine

    This professional series call Creates all sounds, even the high pitch screaming challenge, location and display calls. This all-in-one unit offers call accuracy, realism and ease of use.
    $50.22 save 16%