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  • Carbon Express Maxima XRZ Arrows 150 Blazer Vanes 36 pk.

    An ultimate light-weight hunting arrow featuring Carbon Express backbone technology which integrates thin strands of Kevlar into the weave for added strength and impeccable 360 degree consistent spine. Paired with famous Red Zone Technology and you have a deadly recipe for unmatched broadhead accuracy. Straightness factor: .0025". Weight: 150 (6.6gpi), 250 (7.5gpi), 350 (8.4gpi). Weight tolerance: 1 grain.
  • Easton Gamegetter XX75 Arrows 500 4 in. Vanes 6 pk.

    Economical aluminum arrow made from 7075-T9 alloy with a straightness tolerance of +-.003�. Available in sizes 500 (2016), 400 (2117), 340 (2315), and 300 (2317). Includes pre-installed Uni-bushings, nocks, and inserts. Factory fletched with 4� vanes.
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  • Slash Express 300 Arrow Set Blue 29 in. 3 pk.

    Slash Express Arrows are the best solution for hunters who want great shootability and accuracy. These micro diameter 300 spine arrows, feature the Slash INsetBlade outsert. The Express EXP is offered with a 3-blade 7/8� cut broadhead, followed by 2 INsetBlades with a 2 1/8� cut. This arrow provides excellent shootability for all bows and an all-around game arrow. ID .204, OD .255, GPI 11.1, Spine 300. Fletched with Blazer vanes.
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