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Misc Bowfishing Accs

Fish'N Towel
Fish'N Towel
1 products

RPM Bowfishing
RPM Bowfishing
1 products


  • Fish'N Towel - Red - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    A professional grade fiber blended towel that features an attached carbineer clip. The 16"x16" towel can be clipped to your belt loop making it easy to wipe your hands on the towel instead of your pants. Long lasting, rinse and reuse thousands of times. 100 percent machine washable.
    $6.22 save 15%
  • RPM Bowfishing Accelerator - Line Lubricant 2 oz. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Silicone line lubricant reduces friction and wear on nylon and metal parts. 2 ounce drip bottle.
    $12.48 save 16%