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Arrows and Shafts

Arrow Shafts
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Fletched Arrows
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  • Easton Platinum Plus Shafts - 2114 1 doz. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Intermediate priced shaft is perfect for all types of recreational and competitive target archery. Made from 7075-T9 alloy with a hard anodized finish and straightness tolerance of +-.002”. Includes Super Uni Bushing or G Uni Bushing (sizes 1916 and smaller) installed. Inserts and points sold separately.
    $68.00 save 15%
  • Gold Tip Traditional XT Arrows - 600 5 in. Feathers 6 pk. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    All carbon construction with a wood grain finish for traditional archers looking for an extremely durable arrow. Straightness tolerance of +-.003” and weight tolerance of +-2.0 grains. Available in sizes 600(7.8 GPI), 500 (8.6 GPI), 400 (9.3 GPI), and 340 (10.5 GPI). Includes nocks and inserts.
    $97.47 save 13%