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Scent Elimination

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Laundry Detergent and Dryer Sheets
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Soaps and Shampoo
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  • Dead Down Wind Laundry Single Use Detergent - .75 oz. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Dead Down Wind laundry detergent uses multiple enzymes in a biological formulation for exceptional performance at eliminating stains and odors. Safe to use on a wide range of garment materials including carbon, natural and synthetic. Contains no UV brighteners, antimicrobials or harsh chemicals. Will not cause fading. Approved for high efficiency washers.
    $1.02 save 16%
  • Enforcer Ozone Generator - Plug In - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Enforcer Ozone Plug-in is a safe and powerful way to naturally destroy viruses and odor-causing bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals, deodorizers or cleansers. The Enforcer does not mask odors, it gets rid of odor-causing bacteria and viruses in the air, using naturally occurring molecules to completely destroy odors at the source. The Enforcer Ozone Plug-in works effectively in virtually any type of situation leaving only a fresh and clean scent similar to the air after a thunderstorm. Place the Enforcer anywhere tough odors and allergens need to be destroyed. Rid your home, cabin, hunting camp, RV from foul odors, like hunting closets, mudrooms, bathrooms, basements and pet areas; use it anywhere the air needs purifying. Plug it in, set it and forget it or move it around the house to trouble areas until all your odor problems are virtually eliminated.
    $70.27 save 15%
  • Enforcer Ozone Generator - Protective Case - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Enforcer Protective Case offers additional protection against the risk of dust, dirt, scratches and the environment. Also the heavy duty metal hook works perfect for hanging in closets, auto, lockers, RV’s and much more.
    $13.54 save 16%
  • Scent Crusher Wash O3 Laundry - Unit - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Scent Crusher's Wash O3 Laundry Ozone Generator naturally reduces odors, molds, bacteria and viruses from your clothing without adding detergent. On demand ozone with on/off switch. Uses cold water, reducing electricity use and saving you money. Quick and easy installation, no wiring or batteries needed.
  • Scent-A-Way Foaming Soap - Odorless - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Foaming odorless hand soap in a pump dispenser.
    $7.07 save 15%
  • Scent-A-Way Max Lip Balm - 2 pk. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Scent-A-Way Max Lip Balm provides soothing comfort for chapped lips and features SPF 30 sunscreen protection. The natural beeswax formula won’t draw the attention of game animals.
    $4.35 save 15%
  • Widlife Research All Season Super Charged Kit - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Power through the season with the Super Charged Scent Killer all season Scent Elimination Kit. Large amounts of body wash, clothing wash and clothing spray to help get scent free and stay that way. Kit includes: 24 oz Super Charged Scent Killer Spray, 1 gallon Super Charged Scent Killer Refill, 24 oz Scent Killer Body Wash and Shampoo, 32 oz Super Charged Scent Killer Clothing Wash and Scent Free Secrets book.
    $71.99 save 15%
  • Wildlife Research Ultimate Scent Killer Gold Kit - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Ultimate Scent Elimination kit for the serious hunter. This complete kits has what you need before, during, and after the hunt. Kit Includes: 24 oz Scent Killer Gold Spray, 24 oz Scent Killer Gold Refill, 24 oz Scent Killer Gold Body Wash and Shampoo, 32 oz Scent Killer Gold Laundry Detergent, 2.25 oz Scent Killer Gold Antiperspirant and Deodorant, 24 Pack Scent Killer Gold Field Wipes, 12 Pack Scent Killer Autumn Formula Dryer Sheets and “Scent Free Secrets” book.
    $71.99 save 15%