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Carbon Arrow Inserts

Carbon Express
Carbon Express
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  • BloodSport R.O.C. Outserts - Bronze .231 6 pk. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The R.O.C. System was designed to strengthen micro-diameter arrows for better penetration and performance upon impact. Extensive testing found micro-diameters excel in flight, but categorically fail in penetration and impact. Poorly engineered outserts add stress to arrow walls and tips, ultimately causing failures. The R.O.C. System addresses these issues with a patented shock-absorbing and energy-transferring design that maintains accuracy and maximizes impact.
    $17.88 save 20%
  • Carbon Express Inserts LineJammer Pro 12 pk.

    Aluminum point insert for Carbon Express LineJammer Pro shafts.
    $7.47 save 23%
  • Easton A/C/C Half-Out Inserts - 3-28 12 pk. - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    Half-out point inserts for Easton ACC arrow shafts.
    $29.40 save 19%
  • Grizzly Stik Two Piece Brass Insert 170 Spine 70 gr. 6 pk.

    Two piece Grizzly Stick aluminum and brass insert.
    $18.00 save 20%