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Sight Accessories

Lenses and Scope Accs
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Misc Sight Accessories
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Replacement Pins and Fiber
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Sight Lights
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  • Axcel Curve Fire Ring Pin Blue .029

    The Axcel Curve Fire Ring Pins allow an archer to easily change from one pin size or color to another without losing accuracy. Features 8" of fiber optic.
    $38.31 save 19%


  • Axcel Lens Retainer Ring X-31

    Lens retainer ring for Axcel target scopes.
    $17.46 save 8%
  • CBE Scope Pin Yellow 1 3/8 in. .010

    CBE Rhino pin for CBE 1 3/8” housings.
    $16.31 save 14%
  • LP Tubing Adapter Kit 8-32 Adaptor 8 in.

    Tubing adapter kit allows for tight fit of .094" tubing. Allows for adapting into an 8-32 tapped hole for a scope or multi-pin sight. Includes: 8" of .094" teflon tubing with 8-32 thread adapter, 8-32 button head cap screw and 2 washers.
    $13.38 save 22%
  • Outer Limit Dead Eye Sight Pin Calibrator

    With the Dead Eye Sight Pin Calibrator just print out a sight tape using any of the popular sight tape software programs and the flexible arm of the Dead Eye will hold your sight tape in position to let you adjust each pin to the sight tape. After you are sighted in you can use the Dead eye to confirm your pin gaps to ensure that your pins have not moved or been bent. If you don’t have any of the sight tape software programs the Dead Eye comes with 100 preprinted sight tapes.
    $27.65 save 19%
  • Spot Hogg Lens Adapter Large

    Spot Hogg Lens Adapter. You must have an adapter to install a lens on your Spot-Hogg sight. Use it without a lens and our adapter doubles as a great sunshade and brush guard adding an inch of extra protection to the back side of your pin guard. Not intended to be used with their fiber wrapped sights. **NO California PROP-65 Warning Label**
    $31.69 save 5%
  • Sword LED Light

    $26.30 save 19%
  • Viper Scope Lens 1 3/8 in. 2X

    Zeiss coated glass lens compatible with all Predator sights, Quickset sights, and Viper scopes. Size - 1 3/8” and 2X magnification.
    $91.18 save 19%