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  • WoodHaven Acrylic Turkey Call Striker

    The Woodhaven Acrylic Turkey Call Striker can produce excellent purrs and clucks when used with a friction call.
    $14.38 save 22%
  • WoodHaven Cherry Classic Turkey Call Crystal

    The most versatile of the series, the CherryClassic Crystal is easy to use. With a range of sound from the highest and sweetest notes on the front to a raspy, absolute drop off across the shelf. The hard biting two note yelps and cutts are remarkable on this call.
    $100.30 save 19%


  • WoodHaven Cherry Classic Turkey Call Slate

    Combining the best Pennsylvania slate with the cherry sound chamber is the result of a slate call with a sound that is unequaled. Long, high front breaks off to a sweet rasp and tones down to quiet yelps, clucks and purrs.
    $100.30 save 19%
  • WoodHaven ClucknPurr Turkey Call

    The revolutionary two pot system creates a baffled air chamber that produces some of the most realistic, throaty tones that are Real Turkey.
    $55.71 save 19%
  • WoodHaven Cut/Cackle Turkey Call Striker

    The Woodhaven Cut and Crackle Turkey Call Striker has a hard 5/16 inch oak dowel striker reaches high pitch good yelps and great clucks. Perfect for beginners and advanced turkey callers.
    $14.38 save 22%
  • WoodHaven Legend Turkey Call Glass

    The Legend Glass by WoodHaven is designed to give you the best sound quality available from a glass call. The Legend Glass delivers 100 percent hen turkey sounds in true double note yelps and realistic clucks, cutts and purrs. Comes complete with two matched strikers, a surface saver lid, and a conditioning kit.
    $100.30 save 19%
  • WoodHaven Legend Turkey Call Slate

    Slate gives you the sweetest double note yelps and the softest, most realistic purr and cluck. The Legend Slate is of the highest grade slate and is sanded to the precise thickness and hand set in the walnut cup for the most realistic raspy, sounding slate call available.
    $100.30 save 19%
  • Woodhaven Ninja Fusion Turkey Call

    This call produces realistic hen turkey sounds with double note yelps, cuts and purrs. Includes a surface conditioning kit, hand matched striker and lid.
    $105.87 save 19%
  • WoodHaven Real Hen Turkey Call Cherry

    A higher pitched call than the walnut Real Hen, the cherry Real Hen features a one piece cherry trough style box with a matched Brazilian cherry lid. The cherry Real Hen sends out the most realistic two tone raspy yelps. Great call for clucks, cutts, and cackles.
    $100.30 save 19%


  • WoodHaven Real Hen Turkey Call Walnut

    This box call is great for deep raspy yelps, as well as cutts and cackles that are unmatched for realism. Features a one piece walnut trough style box with a matched Brazilian cherry lid.
    $100.30 save 19%
  • WoodHaven The Carbon Crystal Turkey Call

    The Carbon Crystal by WoodHaven is made of American walnut with a pure-crystal calling surface and a carbon-fiber resonator for a more authentic hen sound. Carbon-fiber resonator isn’t damaged from temperature or moisture. The Carbon Crystal comes with three strikers laminated flare-tip, hardwood, and cutt and cackle conditioning stone, and surface-saver lid.
    $212.06 save 19%
  • WoodHaven The Ninja Hen Box Turkey Call

    The Ninja Hen consists of a walnut bottom in conjunction with a matched YellowHeart lid that is pure turkey. The Ninja Hen produces great two tone yelps as well as sharp, crisp cutts and cackles. This call has the ability to call both loud and soft. The Ninja Hen comes chalked and ready for action.
    $137.37 save 18%
  • WoodHaven The Ninja Stick Turkey Call Striker

    The Ninja Stick Striker is constructed of yellowheart and walnut. Produces totally different tones and pitches and runs great on all friction calls.
    $22.74 save 19%
  • WoodHaven The Ninja Turkey Call Crystal

    The Ninja Crystal is built into a walnut pot with a YellowHeart soundboard which offers a very true to life turkey sound. This call comes with two hand-matched strikers, one being Ninja Stick and the other being hickory that will offer each hunter the ability to sound like two different hens. The Ninja Crystal produces great two-tone yelps as well as great cutts, cackles, and purrs. This call affords you the ability to call both loud and soft.
    $137.37 save 18%
  • WoodHaven Vision Turkey Call Aluminum

    The Vision Aluminum friction call features an American cherry cup and a powder coated anodized aluminum surface. Includes two strikers, conditioning kit and a surface saver lid.
    $162.53 save 18%