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White Gold


  • White Gold Acorn Nugget Attractant 10 lb.

    The White Gold Acorn Nugget is a 10lb Brick that is a long lasting, cooked attractant, designed to draw deer back to your hunting area. The Acorn Nugget consist of whole and ground acorns mixed with an apple aroma that is highly attractive to deer.
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  • White Gold Bonanza Seed 12.5 lb.

    Bonanza is a seed blend containing 12 different high quality seeds together perfectly for one ultimate plot. Planted in early Fall, Bonanza will provide quick lush forage, cover, weed suppression and soil building characteristics that will draw and hold deer. Bonanza will also overwinter a good supply of forage for Spring browse.
    $34.19 save 15%
  • White Gold Clover Rush Seed 5 lb.

    Clover Rush is a mix using 5 different Clovers ( Advantage Ladino, Kopu II, Berseem, Gallant and Jumbo Clover) with a 10 percent Chicory mixed in. This is a high tonnage producing perennial mix that can last up to 6 or more years if properly maintained.
    $55.18 save 15%


  • White Gold Gold Fever Seed 4 lb.

    Gold Fever is a high tonnage annual Brassica Mix that is ideal for your fall food plot. This mix consist of Radishes, Turnips, Rape and Chicory that is highly attractive to deer after the first frost.
    $44.75 save 18%


  • White Gold Gold Mine Seed 3.5 lb.

    Gold Mine is a high tonnage annual Brassica Mix that is designed as a spring plant food plot. This mix consist of Sunn Hemp, Sugar Beets, Turnips and Crimson Clover which are all highly attractive to deer. This is truly a year-round food source as the Sunn Hemp and Crimson Clover will begin growing shortly after the Spring Planting. Sunn Hemp can grow high and provide tons of attractable forage while producing nitrogen for the soil which Sugar Beets and Turnips thrive off of. Once that first frost hits, then the Sugar Beets and Turnips become active and highly attractable providing a food source 365 days.
    $25.64 save 15%
  • White Gold Green Monster Seed 12.5 lb.

    Green Monster is a 8-10 ft. tall versatile mix that is perfect for borders, screening and habitat cover. Deer like to feel secure when entering and feeding in a food plot. Green Monster is the perfect solution for planting along food plot edges or in patterns throughout a larger plot to break it up and promote daytime activity.
    $70.57 save 15%