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Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls


  • Rocky Mountain All-Star Diaphragm Call - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The All-Star was designed to be very versatile. It makes a nice variety of cow/calf talk as well as a great array of bugles.
    $9.87 save 20%


  • Rocky Mountain Black Magic Diaphragm Call

    The Black Magic is made on the Golden Tone Plate frame. It is an advanced design that will bugle like a frustrated bull. It also has the capability of producing excellent clarity when making cow mews and chirps.
    $11.60 save 20%


  • Rocky Mountain Bully Bull Extreme Bugle

    The Bully Bull Extreme elk grunt tube creates an even flow of air for back pressure and easier to obtain octave note changes. Designed for use with diaphragm calls. Includes camo cover and lanyard.
    $45.46 save 18%
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Camp Diaphragm Call

    Built on the GTP frame, this call is a single latex call that is designed specifically to reproduce a very accurate estrus cry of a cow elk. It will make a mew, chirp or whine.
    $11.60 save 20%


  • Rocky Mountain Raging Bull Diaphragm Call

    The Raging Bull will bugle like a satellite bull challenging the herd bull. It also makes a great all-around call for cow/calf communication.
    $11.60 save 20%
  • Rocky Mountain Reaper Diaphragm Call

    The Reaper is made on the Golden Tone Plate frame. It was created to make very aggressive bugles sounding like a frustrated bull challenging for the herd. You can also get it to reproduce the estrus whine of a cow in heat.
    $11.60 save 20%


  • Rocky Mountain Rogue Bugle Tube

    This Bugle Tube is built with the V.E.T.T. system so it contains a spring tuned to the precise dimensions inside the specially made mouth piece. The spring creates more volume, stabilizes higher notes, makes raspier low growls and allows for easier octave changes. The Rogue is less than 18� in overall length which makes it easier for packing. It is made with a 1 1/2� mouth opening and tapered lip adaptor, vibration dampener (Tube Tamer) on inside of the tube and comes fully assembled and ready for use with your favorite mouth diaphragm.
    $47.11 save 18%


  • Rocky Mountain Royal Point Elk Diaphragm Call

    Built on the GTP frame, this call is a single latex call that is for simply bugling to challenge a herd bull. You can make the absolute most aggressive challenge bugles with it.
    $11.60 save 20%


  • Rocky Mountain Select-A-Bull Calling System

    The Select A Bull features a tone selector which allows the user to simply dial the bull sounds desired, small, medium or large with true back pressure. The expandable outside tube expands to 23� and collapses to 17� for better compaction and ease when carrying. The Tube Tamer produces better sound quality, and coupled with the Conqueror external mouthpiece even novice callers can use this tube. Remove the Conqueror mouthpiece for diaphragm use. Includes an extra Palate Plate replacement reed, non-slip camo cover, protective cap for mouthpiece and lanyard.
    $60.78 save 15%


  • Rocky Mountain Select-A-Bull Replacement Reeds

    Replacement bugle reeds fit Select A Bull Calling System, Pack A Bull Calling System and The Conqueror Mouthpiece.
    $9.74 save 20%


  • Rocky Mountain The Temptress Elk Call

    Temptress utilizes the innovative Tone Cap. One of the most realistic cow calls ever produced with no-stick response every time. The holes in the Tone Cap, can be used to change the tone, pitch, and volume of the call.
    $14.60 save 18%


  • Rocky Mountain Tines Up Elk Diaphragm Call

    Built on the GTP frame, this is a double latex call with a special notch cut in the latex so that it can produce an extra excitement in your cow calls. It also helps to make aggressive bugles.
    $11.60 save 20%
  • Rocky Mountain Trophy Wife Elk Call

    Produces all cow/calf mews and nasally sweet estrus sounds. Can produce and imitate the estrus scream. Wider open reed call that uses a plastic barrel to produce a brighter sound.
    $23.90 save 15%
  • Rocky Mountain Voo Doo Elk Call

    The Voo Doo cow call was designed to put a spell on the majestic bull elk. With its unique sound board of vented holes and tone quality acrylic barrel, this call will produce realism, accuracy and ease of use in elk call sounds. With its pleading estrus sounds, easy to obtain mews and chirps of both cows and calves will make the Voo Doo hard to beat for calling in your next elk.
    $45.87 save 18%
  • Rocky Mountain Wapiti Whacker Bugle

    The Wapiti Whacker will create all the sounds, even the high pitch screaming challenge, location and display calls of a bull elk. With all of these innovative ideas all wrapped up in one unit, you can now expect the accuracy, realism and ease of use in this Bugle Tube. Utilizes the VETT calling system placed in the mouth end opening to help create better backpressure, aiding in obtaining note change. The dimensions of the inner hole size help to create deeper, raspier base sounding chuckles, growls and grunts along with the larger chamber to create the accuracy and realism of elk calling. Includes mouthpiece enlargement ring, camo cover and lanyard.
    $50.05 save 18%
  • Rocky Mountain Wild Thang Elk Call

    This newly designed mylar reed and acrylic barrel produces the nasally, three dimensional sounds the bulls respond to during the rut.
    $41.23 save 18%