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Heated Hunts


  • Heated Hunts Drag Rag

    The Drag Rag offers an additional tool to the hunter's arsonal of attractants. Great for attracting game even in windy conditions, the Drag Rag includes five feet of paracord, two carabiners and two extra-absorbant scent wicks.
    $9.62 save 20%
  • Heated Hunts Drag Rag Wicks

    The Drag Rag Wicks are extra wicks for the Drag Rag. Each package contains four extra-absorbant, premium wicks making it simple for changing lures and replacing old, stale wicks.
    $5.07 save 19%


  • Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser

    The Heated Hunting Scents Dispenser can be hung on a tree branch or be placed right on the ground. The high performance threads ensure the scent will not leak and keep the batteries dry. The weather resistant switch can perform in nearly any environment with an LED that indicates on/off. Yet when the batteries are low on power and not able to generate heat in the required range the intelligent LED light turns off. In addition this is the indicator that to let the hunter know to recharge or replace the batteries on the next hunt. The heater will still produce low heat around 50F for two hours once the light goes outs. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included).
    $29.78 save 15%


  • Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser Wicks

    Replacement wicks and bands for the Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser. Includes 10 wicks, 4 small bands and 2 large bands.
    $3.74 save 19%