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Scrape Fix


  • Scrape Fix Velvet

    A modified formula to attract Whitetails during their growth season. This 100 percent Synthetic powder based ScrapeFix Velvet formula is used during the velvet growth phase.
    $12.42 save 22%
  • ScrapeFix Chillax Liquid 4 oz.

    Chillax is a synthetic blend replicating the musty scent of a deer’s forehead gland. The formula won’t scare or spook deer, helping them stay calm and interested.
    $18.48 save 20%
  • ScrapeFix Peak Rut Liquid 4 oz.

    Synthetic and proven compounds attract bucks seeking a doe during the peak of rut. No bacterial breakdown throughout the season.
    $18.48 save 20%
  • ScrapeFix Scrape Ingnite Liquid 4 oz.

    Scrape Ignite features a synthetic formula with no threatening compounds that intimdate does or subordinate bucks. This formula is used to attract bucks during pre and post rut.
    $18.48 save 20%