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Minnesota Trapline


  • Dunlap Beaver Lure 1 oz.

    Beaver Lure is a castor based lure that works year round in all locations.
    $11.80 save 18%
  • Dunlap Coon Sweet Lure 1 oz.

    Dunlap’s Coon Lure has a loud, sweet odor that draws raccoons in. Works great on dog-proof traps and in all water sets made for raccoons.
    $11.80 save 18%


  • Dunlap Hellfire Predator Lure 1 oz.

    Dunlap’s Hellfire is a very loud call lure that contains an abundance of 100% uncut skunk essence. It has a thick and sticky smear type base that allows you to stay put and wait wherever you place it. Hellfire is freeze-proof and attracts predators to your location.
    $11.50 save 20%
  • Dunlap Lightening in a Bottle 1 oz.

    Lightening in a Bottle is a high-powered lure capable of attracting game from long distances. Smear on trees, bridges, fence posts, or anywhere near your set. This product works in cold weather and glows in the dark for added attraction.
    $11.50 save 20%
  • Minnesota Brand Shellfish Oil 4 oz

    Easy to use and has a much thicker consistency that will stay at your set longer.
    $13.36 save 18%
  • Minnesota Trapline Glycerine Oil 16 oz.

    Glycerine acts as a binder, blender, stabilizer and antifreeze when you mix it with glands. Glycerine can also be mixed with urines to add body and prevent evaporation when exposed to the air and to prevent freezing.
    $11.80 save 18%