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Buck Baits


  • Buck Baits Buck w/Tarsal 4 oz.

    Tarsal lures are good used as an intruder lure for dominat bucks in your area. It is best used on your own mock scrapes.
    $15.39 save 18%
  • Buck Baits Deer Musk Scrape 4 oz.

    This is a blend of deer glands, secretions, and "Buck Urine" used as an all purpose attractant. Although formulated as a scrape enhancer, it is also effective as a lure.
    $15.39 save 18%
  • Buck Baits Doe in Heat 4 oz.

    100% pure doe estrus urine. "Doe in Heat" urine will get the attention of the big bucks in your hunting area and bring them within shooting range.
    $15.07 save 18%
  • Buck Baits Doe Urine Synthetic 4 oz.

    Synthetic scent features a potent realistic scent. Comes in a pump spray bottle. Does not contain deer urine or any biological material from any CWD susceptible cervid.
    $14.86 save 18%
  • Buck Baits Starter Kit Doe/Estrus Max/ Buck/ Earth Cover 3 oz. ea.

    The perfect retail starter pack for retailers that sell natural deer urine. Enjoy Buck Baits best selling earth cover scent and natural 100 percent pure ATA approved Deer Urines. Includes Lab Certified Doe In Heat ESTRUS MAX offerinig hunters the highest level of estrogren collected for maximum results. All products are bottled fresh and highly effective. Pack Includes 8 Buck Baits Logo Vinyl Decals to give to your customers and a 24 x 36 retail poster for aiding in promotion of the products. Includes 3 -Earth, 3-Doe, 3- Doe In Heat, 3 - Buck With Tarsal, 8 Logo Decals, 1 Poster.
    $135.18 save 15%