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Buck Baits


  • Buck Baits Buck Urine - Size: 4 oz.

    Can be used for many reasons, one of the main reasons being that dominate bucks will become curious enough to check out who then new intruder is in the area.
    $11.99 save 14%
  • Buck Baits Buck with Tarsal - Size: 4 oz.

    Tarsal lures are good used as an intruder lure for dominat bucks in your area. It is best used on your own mock scrapes.
  • Buck Baits Combo 4 oz ea - Doe in Heat - Deer Musk Scrape

    Get double the value with the combination packs. The combination of "Doe in Heat", and "Deer Musk" can be a deadly combo.
    $22.55 save 11%
  • Buck Baits Combo 4 oz. ea. - Doe in Heat - Buck with Tarsal

    Get double the value with the combination packs. The combination of "Doe in Heat", and "Buck with Tarsal" can be a deadly combo.
  • Buck Baits Deer Musk Scrape - Size: 4 oz.

    This is a blend of deer glands, secretions, and "Buck Urine" used as an all purpose attractant. Although formulated as a scrape enhancer, it is also effective as a lure.
    $12.41 save 14%
  • Buck Baits Doe in Heat - Size: 4 oz.

    100% pure doe estrus urine. "Doe in Heat" urine will get the attention of the big bucks in your hunting area and bring them within shooting range.
    $12.75 save 13%
  • Buck Baits Doe Urine - Size: 4 oz.

    100% pure doe urine that can be used throughout the hunting season. It will draw in bucks that are looking for the "one" doe that might be coming into heat.
    $11.99 save 14%
  • Buck Baits Estrus Max - 4 oz. Certified Peak Estrogen

    Once the does are in the peak of heat, the urine is collected, and sampled to certify for peak estrogen levels. Once at the peak, the urine is bottled as estrus Max