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  • Tinks Boot Pad 1 pr.

    The Tinks Boot Pads are super absorbent and easy to use. Features an elastic band to slip over any boot. Just apply your favorite Tinks lure.
    $5.74 save 19%


  • Tinks Dial A Dripper Combo 4 pk.

    Tink’s Dial-A-Dripper screws directly on to any 4oz. Tink’s scent bottle. Dial in the drip rate and get ready to hunt. Drip rate can be set for up to 7 days. Includes Dial A Dripper and Neoprene bag.
    $16.10 save 16%
  • Tinks E-Scent Dispenser

    Tink’s E-Scent is a scent-vapor dispersal system that heats and atomizes scent to carry further for longer-range attraction. Tink’s E-Scent features a compact, rugged and durable construction to bear whatever elements you throw at it. With a 400 use, refillable cartridge, it can be used as a wind detector or scent dispersal system. Includes: Bulb Unit, Synthetic #69 Doe-In-Rut Cartridge, E-Scent Battery, USB Battery Charger and Lanyard.
    $21.03 save 16%
  • Tinks Expanding Sponge Wick 6 pk.

    The Tink’s Scent Sponge is compact and can be easily carried to your favorite spot. When it comes in contact with your favorite Tink’s Lure it will expand 3-times it’s original size for maximized scent dispersal. Tink’s Scent Wick is biodegradable, so you can truly set it and forget it.
    $4.98 save 19%
  • Tinks Scent Bombs 1 oz. 3 pk.

    Convenient way to disperse scent. Simply remove cap and pull up the wick. Can also be used as yardage markers and trail markers with the integrated reflective strip.
    $6.21 save 19%
  • Tinks Scent Reel Retractable Scent Wick

    Tink’s Scent Reel is a retractable, compact and easy-to-use dispersal system that will put an abundant amount of scent in the woods with less mess. Features a 10� retractable wick and leak proof o-ring system.
    $8.10 save 20%
  • Tinks Scrape Bomb Scrape Dripper 2 pk.

    Works with the changes in temperature and barometric pressure to drip only during daylight hours. Scent will last 4-5 days when used correctly.
    $11.52 save 20%
  • Tinks Super Draggers 2 pk.

    Scent drags made from super absorbent microfiber material to hold more lure. Attaches to a belt loop to lay a continuous scent trail to your stand.
    $5.25 save 19%