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  • Duel Meadow Mist Elk Call - Single Reed

    The Meadow Mist is a single reed mouth call designed for a comfortable fit. Put your own dual chambers to work and make a variety of cow calls and bull bugles.
    $12.08 save 16%


  • Duel Morning Blast Bull Elk Call - Double Reed

    The Morning Blast is a double reed mouth call with a comfortable fit. Transform your own dual chambers to an elk calling machine with the Morning Blast.
    $12.08 save 16%
  • Duel Rolling Thunder Elk Call - Mossy Oak Mountain Country 17 in. Bugle - Discontinued - Special Clearance Price

    The Rolling Thunder StretchBack Bugle gives you the ability to sound like a bull on the move. An adjustable reed system combined with the StretchBack tube gives you unlimited options. Different diameter resonating chambers provide more realistic sound. The compact 17” size makes it easy to pack.
    $68.85 save 15%
  • Duel Wapiti Wailer Elk Call

    Easy to use bite call that mimics cow’s high to low mew sounds. Extended nasal cavity for added resonance. Includes lanyard.
    $25.93 save 16%
  • Duel Widowmaker 1 Cow Elk Call

    Freeze free design blows even when wet. Easy to use call produces chirps, mews, and estrus calls.
    $20.55 save 15%
  • Duel Widowmaker 2 Young Cow Elk Call

    Easy to use call great for beginners, robust enough for pros. Produces chirps, mews, and estrus calls with a different tone. The freeze free design blows when wet, and won't freeze up, no matter what the weather does.
    $20.55 save 15%