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Deer Decoys

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Montana Decoy
Montana Decoy
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  • Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy

    Brings a calm atmosphere to any deer hunting situation. Features twist lock leg attachment system to make setup and tear-down quick and easy. All limbs, ears, and head store inside the body cavity for easy transportation.
    $173.31 save 14%


  • Flambeau Master Series Boss Babe Deer Decoy

    Realistic doe decoy with break down limbs, head, and ears that store inside the body cavity for easy transport. Includes plug to prevent parts from falling out while transporting. Features two sets of ears to change the attitude of the decoy. Rear legs are designed to accept scent pads.
    $160.06 save 14%
  • Flambeau Master Series Boss Buck Deer Decoy

    Realistic 120" buck decoy with break down limbs, head, and ears that store inside the body cavity for easy transport. Slings over the shoulder for convenient carrying. Rear legs are designed to accept scent pads.
    $208.77 save 13%


  • Flambeau Scrapper Buck Decoy with Carry Case

    The Flambeau Scrapper Buck Decoy is designed not to agitate or intimidate, as it features a adolescent presentation. The Scrapper buck attracts bucks who are looking to mark their territory with its inferior size and life-like body with adjustable ears and faux tail that moves in the wind.
    $194.29 save 14%


  • Montana Decoy Deer Rump Decoy

    The lightest, most packable whitetail decoy ever and it works throughout the season. Folds down so small you can literally carry it with you all the time, but opens up plenty big enough to impact your hunt. Comes with two replaceable Teaser Tails for just the right amount of extra realism and motion. If you're a scent user, add it to the Teaser Tail and just replace the tail when you want to change scents or not use any.
    $77.76 save 15%
  • Montana Decoy Dreamteam Buck/Doe Combo Decoy

    Gives hunters a decoy system to use throughout the entire season. Buck and doe combination provides endless setup options. Both decoys fold flat and fit easily in your pack. Can be used together or separately. Doe Dimensions: 37"x40" (unfolded), 13"x16" (folded), Buck Dimensions: 37"x48" (unfolded), 20"x18" (folded).
    $135.18 save 15%


  • Montana Decoy Estrus Betty Doe Decoy

    The squatting pose along with its raised tail attracts cruising bucks seeking a doe in estrus. Use the decoy on its own or pair it with a buck decoy. Dimensions: 43�x53�(unfolded), 13�x10� (folded).
    $101.89 save 15%
  • Montana Decoy Miss Muley Decoy

    Montana Decoy created Miss Muley to get the attention of rutting mule deer bucks looking to add does to their harem or create confidence any time during the season. Weighs 1 lb. 14 oz. with poles. Measures 40� x 38� unfolded and 14� x 15� folded.
    $101.89 save 15%
  • Montana Decoy The Freshman Buck Decoy

    Mimics a young buck with a big attitude. Displays an aggressive posture with its ears back. Works great by itself or with a doe decoy. Dimensions: 37�x48� (unfolded), 13�x20� (folded).
    $101.89 save 15%
  • Montana Decoy Trixie Whitetail Doe Decoy

    The Montana Decoy Trixie Whitetail Doe Decoy provides a great deal of realism with pose, print quality, and a teaser tail. All of these features invite deer closer and increase your chnaces of success.
    $107.16 save 15%
  • Montana Decoy Whitetail Dreamy Doe Decoy

    Great for attracting rutting bucks or creating a distraction in food sources. Lightweight and durable design is easy to setup and transport. Dimensions: 37"x40" (unfolded), 13"x16" (folded).
    $79.06 save 15%
  • Primos Scar Deer Decoy

    Deer decoy with head and tail that move with the slightest breeze. All legs, head, ears, and antlers fit inside the body cavity for easy transport. Includes ground mounting stake.
    $275.45 save 15%