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Gobble and Locator Calls

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Hunters Specialties
Hunters Specialties
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  • Flextone Lightning Crow Locator Call

    The Lightning Crow is perfect for locating turkeys or calling crows. Features extreme long range volume and a soft body for natural sounds.
    $10.94 save 24%
  • Flextone Lightning Owl Locator Call

    The Lightning Owl features an oversized barrel for increased volume, unique tone button for instant screams, soft body for ultra-realistic owl calls and port holes for error proof calling.
    $10.94 save 24%
  • Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble Turkey Call

    The Thunder Shaker Gobble makes gobbling easier than ever with a user-friendly handheld design. No need to waste time practicing with difficult mouth and diaphragm calls; anyone can master this call in mere seconds. Simply shake the bellows for instant, realistic gobbles. The compact size stows easily.
    $20.61 save 20%
  • HS Strut Hammerin Crow Call

    This excellent gobbler locator call has an adjustable reed to allow for multiple tones.
    $13.25 save 22%
  • Hunter Specialties DOD Crow Locator Turkey Call

    The Drury Crow Call uses a wooden barrel, .014 mylar reed, and wooden inserts to produce a realistic crow call with a high-pitch natural sound that makes turkeys gobble.
    $17.49 save 20%
  • Hunter Specialties DOD Howler Locator Turkey Call

    Used for turkey, the Coyote Howler Locator Call produces an extremely loud, realistic howl that riles turkeys up. The wood barrel and high density plastic horn help resonate sound that makes turkeys gobble up to a mile away.
    $17.49 save 20%
  • Primos 3-N-1 Locator Call

    The 3-N-1 Locator Call is sure to pull a gobble out of pressured birds by reproducing calls and cries from peacocks, pileated wood peckers and coyotes.
    $17.82 save 20%
  • Primos Crow Call

    Sounding like a crow is a perfect way to entice a springtime gobbler into giving away his location by gobbling back at you. You can then move closer and attempt to lure the gobbler into range. The Crow Call is also perfect for calling and hunting crows.
    $13.70 save 22%
  • Primos Power Crow Locator Call

    A perfect way to entice a spring gobbler into giving away his location is to sound like a crow. With the Power Crow, you can do just that. Then you can move closer and attempt to lure the gobbler into range.
    $15.45 save 20%
  • Primos Power Owl Locator Call

    The 8-note call of the barred owl has a rasp that is heard only when you are extremely close. The Power Owl was designed to accurately reproduce this sound with strong volume, to locate even the wariest of gobblers.
    $12.49 save 22%
  • Roost'Em Owl Hooter Oak

    Shock locating call. Great for early season use but can be used any time in the Spring woods.
    $16.94 save 20%
  • Woodhaven Ninja Owl Locator Call

    The Ninja Owl produces realistic 8-note owl sounds as well as laughs of a barred owl. This call does not swell or shrink in moist conditions.
    $37.27 save 19%