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  • Carter Evolution Too Release 3 Finger

    The Evolution Too features Piston Resistance technology which gives you the ability to fine tune your tension adjustment range and offers a level of consistency unmatched by other resistance activated releases. The safety design includes a feature that will not allow the safety to disengage if you are pulling harder than the release is set for.
    $231.97 save 19%
  • Carter Mini Evolution 20 Release 3 Finger

    The Carter Mini Evolution 20 release is a resistance activated release designed with similar geometry to the Evolution release family. The release's spring allows holding wight to be adjusted from 8-40lbs. This improves consistency of activation with a precise micro- adjustment of the holding weight setting.
    $234.85 save 19%


  • Carter NV Release 3 Finger

    The NV is the next evolution in the adjustable clicker hinge style release. The NV features a new cradle rotation system. This new technology allows the archer to adjust the distance of the click to firing from 0 (no click) to .050, or anywhere in between. The speed angle moon cradles the click moon in itself, allowing for completely separate speed angle adjustment from the clicker adjustment. Both adjustments are as simple as loosening a lockdown screw, turning the adjustment screws, and then locking down the moons again for the ultimate in consistency. The new NV comes in a comfortable universal fit 3 finger handle, featuring a 3 position pulling post to assist with drawing the release.
    $226.26 save 19%